“Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

By Stephan Pisko “Branson & Bezos” what a greedy egotistical comedy team their socialized clowns! They are both absolutely hilarious “space cissies” firing rocketships’ into outer space every month hitching a ride on a high altitude aviation vessel for a taste of weightlessness?? Don’t you mean brainlessness?? Richard Branson is the same degenerate that swam into shark infested waters was bitten and chewed on then … Continue reading “Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

Spontaneous Selection – Machine Order – Compositional Form

By Stephan Pisko Spontaneous selection’ put through a ‘machine order’ equals ‘compositional form’ this form was already physically present and it was the ‘creative process’ that made it visible. Every art masterpiece required an ‘exacting creative process’ to render it visible physically – the Mona Lisa required Leonardo – Weeping Woman required Picasso and so forth. Basically what I am saying is that ‘all art’ … Continue reading Spontaneous Selection – Machine Order – Compositional Form

Punk Rock Within The Disco Domain

By Stephan Pisko A dance beat stylized version of (Sid Vicious) minus the reforming ritual retribution why does mind always mix substance abuse with radicality? Why is there such a strong desire to reproduce past personal identity actions? This is so prevalent within the musical eras’ of bygone generations’ that psychologically introduced (fashions + fads) psycho-philosophy influencing gender and mentality infiltrating mainstream thought patterns’ for … Continue reading Punk Rock Within The Disco Domain

Big Bang

By Stephan Pisko Who (or) what was the dynamic energy behind the big bang? Physicists believe that it originated out of ‘nothing’ or at least possibly nothing that we as human beings’ can understand and never will totally. Metaphysics teaches us that just because you can’t see it’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not there’ just like dark matter. For the longest time science didn’t … Continue reading Big Bang

Third Industrial Revolution

By Stephan Pisko It doesn’t really matter what happens to corporation industry speaking of a third industrial revolution big deal they can battle it out in the trenches of Fortune 500 but I can tell you this after all their corporate ‘greed grabs’ hair pulling antic escapades are done it’s the ‘citizens of the countries’ that will suffer in agony before all of this ‘skeet … Continue reading Third Industrial Revolution

The Brain Mind

By Stephan Pisko The mind clings to duty and attachment a purpose of existing without this the body is shapeless mass. The brain is chemicals’ with electromagnetic neurons working together to form mental thoughts – emotions – feelings from the visual perception before our eyes some of these chemicals’ we do not have a name for but they are continually changing every trillionth of a … Continue reading The Brain Mind

Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

By Stephan Pisko The possibility of realizing yourself found through an ‘inner pictorial state’ on route to the finished picture that never possesses a completed harmonious hyper field. We focus on a ‘restless frustration’ an abstract subtractive method centering on the incidental to essential points of perceptive space to a creative bed of ‘inner pictorial state’. To intellectualize is to investigate this inner pictorial state … Continue reading Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

One Track Minds

By Stephan Pisko These military henchmen in U.S. – Russia – Iran – China – in all cell countries’ worldwide have one thing common to their “one track minds”: dominate – control – kill – revenge – maybe mass mentality will believe it now in light of this “Iranian Incident” these cell countries’ do not care about their citizens’ irregardless of what they outwardly display. … Continue reading One Track Minds

Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

By Stephan Pisko Both are constructed by the human mind maybe the difference lies in the speculative fact that ‘fake fantasy’ is created with ‘many visual ideas’ plus ‘one human mind’ where as the ‘real illusion of reality’ is created by ‘many human minds’ plus one ‘broad based conceptual idea’. Fantasy has a ‘freeing effect’ but the real illusion of reality is ‘confining to a … Continue reading Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

Soulless Place

By Stephan Pisko A soulless place could exist anywhere it solely depends on the perceptive placement of one’s disciplined dynamics’ cutting through the dishonest deception that mind fabricates. There was a time when you could learn something via traveling but this has all changed sadly you can still learn very ‘basic culture’ an atmosphere of a place and/or country but that is all whatever the … Continue reading Soulless Place

Vulnerability Communication

By Stephan Pisko Genuine authentic truthful communication is absolutely imperative few human beings’ are exercising. This practice because it puts the individual within a “vulnerability vice”, but if the individual possesses the “confidence along with contentment” with “who and what” you actually genuinely are then there is absolutely no “fragmented fear” of being vulnerable. Continue reading Vulnerability Communication


By Stephan Pisko I absolutely agree that this physical existence is full of Dr. McGillicuddy’s cosmic cure sideshows’ like it always has been and always will be hey, their all trying to survive loosing all forms of possible integrity their not interested in maintaining. Einstein was beyond his time in many ways he was the very first ‘spiritual scientist’ which was very ‘out of the … Continue reading Teaching

Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

By Stephan Pisko Mars is billions’ of years of past history human beings’ “magnet to this historical mystique” why does mind cling to a bygone timeframe? Even before a durational measurement was within cognizant awareness scope humans’ wish to go back in the evolutionary lineage to the “primordial past” and then what trace the circle all over again? The species’ wants to find life on … Continue reading Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

Truth or Falsity

By Stephan Pisko Mind cannot grasp ‘dead end truths’ that is a point of defining depths that fraction falsity a far more intriguing space that mind is familiar with over the decades and centuries of human history. When we say ‘mind’ we identify a ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ which spins it’s ‘defining truths’ like a wheel mind participates in this revolving rotisserie blending an equal amount … Continue reading Truth or Falsity

Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

By Stephan Pisko “Chopin Ballade” Stallions’ dancing at the carnival with rumbling joy happiness carefree but serious it is love we seek socially but wait we go round and round on the carousel non-stop with our manes’ in the air kicking our hoofs’ we stumble sensationally. __________________________________________________________________________________ “Chopin Scherzo” Gentle we touch immense our embrace on the way never forgetting minus memories’ falling notes’ holding … Continue reading Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

Nature – Unity of Survival

By Stephan Pisko Nature has adapted to live together within a “unity of survival” human beings’ have not adapted in this way but in much more selfish ways’ greed created the “catastrophic clash” humans’ live together everyday for the pursuit purpose of “self wanting” thereby stimulating confrontation disharmony unnatural effort human beings’ live together within a “unity of selfish pleasurable survival” this is how this … Continue reading Nature – Unity of Survival