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Monteque Pope-Le Beau

I believe art can profoundly affect those who experience it. As an observer of life, I find artistic expression is a position of power and has the potential to influence change. As an artist, it is a responsibility I do not take lightly. As the founder of Dreamweaverarts it is a way to make a difference.

Monteque Pope-Le Beau

For me art is a catalyst for what is required to live in a world with the goal of advancing mankind, improving the environment and creating a better way of life. It is at the center of the evolution of culture and society. This why I created of Dreamweaverarts. I feel it was my responsibility to realize my Mother’s dream to create a place where artists can come and find a supportive community ready to help them. It is my goal, whether the work of Dreamweaverarts has to do with the arts the environment, political, or social issues, that it will cause a ripple effect that will benefit the community and society as a whole.

Inspired by my mother’s artwork and brilliant storytelling, I became an international abstract expressionist, poet and storyteller. My mother introduced me to one of my first loves, the beauty of the natural world. Traveling the world with my mother allowed me to meet new people and to observe the world through their eyes. Which in turn brought me to another one of my loves, the study of human nature. As I studied history, art and architecture, I soon realized I wanted something more meaningful in my life. I realize I wanted to help make my corner of the world a better place. To help better my creative community and help my fellow artists. Where I saw a problem I wanted to help fine the solution. For me the solution came in the form of Dreamweaverarts and now with The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch . I like working outside the system, because I believe that true change happens at the grassroots level. I live and work in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Alberta, Canada. I am honored to be an artist and to do what I love.

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