The Short stories Of Thomas M. McDade

By Thomas M. McDade Bill, Fran And Molly I have a couple of things he can do, but Bill the new hardware tech is along mostly to meet the clients. He’s young, a handsome bastard. Our first stop is at Roosevelt Supply. I’m hoping Fran the bawdy bookkeeper will do something to put a blush on his face. She grabs him ten-feet after we enter, … Continue reading The Short stories Of Thomas M. McDade

Luminous Expression Issue #1

  Luminous Expression   Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night. Victor Hugo A SETTLED MATTER A short play By Stanley Toledo   Characters Mr. Keith – official #1 Ms. Dessa – official #2 P.N. 40 – a robot Voiceover – male or female Time/Location … Continue reading Luminous Expression Issue #1


  By: Adrienne Vaught Pure hate! One great eye staring me down through a graying splintered corral sent the message loud and clear to my mind. A great black beast, stomping and tearing the dirt from the ground creating a fine mist of dust that never lands, but chokes the back of my throat. Boards of wood seem inadequate protection, a small separation between your … Continue reading Raven

The Brilliant Artistry of Raegan Payne

    Strange Scene   As a last resort, an unemployed man/woman 55+, becomes the Baby-sitter for spoiled kid. Parents are early to mid-40s, and the 1 percent. To entertain the kid the Baby-sitter stages a political debate. All hell breaks loose as politics blends with revenge. To cut down on confusion the baby-sitter will be described with masculine pronouns. Character: The Baby-sitter – Man … Continue reading The Brilliant Artistry of Raegan Payne

The Ambition By Lin Ross

Ornette… In 1962, Ray Charles sang “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Ella was “Swinging Brightly,” and Sinatra claimed he was “All Alone.” Dexter Gordon was blowing a mellow one called “Go” and Brubeck rose to jazzy prominence with his seminal album “Cool.” Oscar Peterson made a “West Side Story” all his own, while Chubby Checker demanded everyone to “Limbo Rock.” And I was born. I … Continue reading The Ambition By Lin Ross