LCV, Chispa, and The Redford Center Partner to Build Community Power Through New Short Film Series

Community Power series spotlights local stories of clean transportation, jobs, and justice. The Redford Center, in collaboration with the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Chispa, announced the launch of a new series of short films showcasing community power in a collective call for civic engagement around clean transportation to build a safer, more just future. About Power the Vote: Community PowerAs part of The … Continue reading LCV, Chispa, and The Redford Center Partner to Build Community Power Through New Short Film Series

“Walking while Black L.O.V.E. Is The Answer” – A MUST SEE FILM for Our 21st Century

By Vernon Nickerson Full disclosure: I want the planet to watch this entire documentary from beginning to end as many times as needed so that no human being in America forgets. Specifically, we must never forget the history of our current pandemic of violence at the hands of people who, once upon a time, were universally believed to keep the peace, even when everything else … Continue reading “Walking while Black L.O.V.E. Is The Answer” – A MUST SEE FILM for Our 21st Century

The Most Important Day

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country. Franklin D. Roosevelt The Art of Monteque wishes for everyone to have a safe and effective Election day. Please make sure your voice is heard and your … Continue reading The Most Important Day

The Howling Moment Of Change

At this moment everything that our society was built upon seems to be falling away. Showing the true inadequacy of our global community. It seems time and time again we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, each time we state that we have finally learned the lessons of humanity and yet tribalism still reigns supreme. Each individual tribe has come to live inside … Continue reading The Howling Moment Of Change

Virus Silencer

By Stephan Pisko The Chinese doctor (Li Wenliang) that leaked the coronavirus data logically knew more about where and how the virus actually originated this is what China’s Governmental powers were afraid of so the “doctor had to die”. He apparently contacted the virus that was a “natural trail” so his demise would probably just go down publicly as just another “virus victim”, but minds … Continue reading Virus Silencer

Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

By Stephan Pisko It used to be that alcoholics’ and drug addicts’ were the “losers’ of society,” but not so within this time and environment they have come into “age” as the redefined “masters’ of the universe” the Nostradamus of this demented controlled setup society they drink and do their drugs because they have seen this “futile setup future” they know what is coming there … Continue reading Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

Special Children Third Edition

By Stephan Pisko Parental peer pressured “special children” forced into an overachieving educational overview usually are “custom designed” company executive CEO’s in the manipulated making they even “all” speak in similar fashion proof positive their “all” cut from the identical “phonetically fractured fabric” and reconstituted competition. Obsessive compulsive routine rituals’ cement a forced level of intelligence which reflects many “intellectual impressions” the outward idea of … Continue reading Special Children Third Edition

Remote Neural Monitoring – Mind Control – Manufacturing Nut Cases

By Stephan Pisko The phenomenon that is happening is a “subliminal recruiting” it attracts hypnotically basically with weak infected influenced minds’, but it has all been “setup” by an exterior force with ninja qualities’. It is very visually amazing that we have all of these different minds’ on this planet with an equally amazing ratio of “mind similarities” human beings’ who have never met living … Continue reading Remote Neural Monitoring – Mind Control – Manufacturing Nut Cases

Geek Gods

By Stephan Pisko Watch out for the “geeks” their the greediest cerebral controllers’ within this current time and environment they camouflage control panels’ on the microwave you are riding psychologically predicting so called “gods” their “geek gods” within the controlling cosmetic mind illustrating illusion of deception diabolically via non-profit philanthropy. Beware of their paralyzing preacher pronounces artificial intelligence hyperbole con-artistry the “geek gods” are only … Continue reading Geek Gods

Human Laboratory Rats

By Stephan Pisko, Think of this globe as 7.6 billion human laboratory rats’ experimenting expeditiously with hormone altering – mood messing – pain protruding illegal pharma substances’ made mainstream legal unknowingly realizing the horrific side effects’ of any of these crusted conglomerates’ for this is how the healthcare system is setup for you today initiating world planetary unrest just up the dose for mass rat … Continue reading Human Laboratory Rats

Making A Stand For The Future With The Global Climate Strike

Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art..  –Ursula Le Guin, Speech at National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award, 2014 Millions along with The Art Of Monteque will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age … Continue reading Making A Stand For The Future With The Global Climate Strike

Pleasureable Self Survival

By Stephan Pisko Within today’s positively sedentary society human beings’ have psychologically evolved to the point of ‘pleasurable self survival’ we do not ‘eat to survive’ nor do we ‘work to survive’ but there must be a rewarding element of pleasure to it or we become disenchanted with the whole idea we have become ‘pleasure peasants’ baited with ‘pleasure rewards’ to make up for our … Continue reading Pleasureable Self Survival

Photography Reflects Social Issues of the Times – Transgendered Population

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ encompass the ‘largest portion of visuality’ the society these creatures’ create has the capacity to influence and change lives’ positively, but on the other side has the volume for depression – suffering and cruelty this must be illuminated meaningfully and honestly through this ‘transparent momentary slice of duration’ displaying an ‘awareness factor’ making human beings’ mindful of it’s actions. Human beings’ are quick to ‘lash … Continue reading Photography Reflects Social Issues of the Times – Transgendered Population

Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

By Stephan Pisko,   A free monetary gift is virtuous sounds great, but there is an underlying invisible price to pay! How did this mysterious gift turn into being ‘free’? Was it always indeed free? How was this free gift acquired through corruption – deceit – lies? How does a ‘mad-dog greedy’ individual suddenly turn into a monetary Santa Claus? There must be a pompous … Continue reading Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

LA Food Ways’ Tells the Story of Spreading Food Around and Ending Waste

By Mike Szymanski Mike Szymanski is part of the California Institute of Contemporary Arts ( that helped fund the LA Food Ways documentary as well as the upcoming Atlanta project, and has funded Raphael’s GreenWish ( foundation. Actor, activist and filmmaker Raphael Sbarge is obsessed with food lately. In his latest documentary he melds the history of Los Angeles with the creation of food sources … Continue reading LA Food Ways’ Tells the Story of Spreading Food Around and Ending Waste

See Through Do Not Look At

By Stephan Pisko I think for those who do not within this instantaneous automatic schema board with flat surfaced touch screens these ‘gadgets are our gods’ of the day promising to ‘do more & make more’. A definitive clean cut way of thinking is desperately needed that actually explains useful information that most everyone can understand regardless of ethnic background – skin color – gender … Continue reading See Through Do Not Look At

Cashless World More Controlled Human Beings

By Stephan Pisko A cashless world is a ‘totally controlled’ monetary system with absolutely no pathways the only purpose is a mass elitist corporation government control a ‘valueless society’ with a rationed monetary structure where the wealthy will conquer and dominate the poor goodbye ‘middle class’ button pushing ‘fabulous fortunes’ to button pushing ‘poor peasants’ all in one click instant control. You could have envisioned … Continue reading Cashless World More Controlled Human Beings

Small Change To Ignite Big Change

By Stephan Pisko It takes ‘small change’ to ignite ‘big change’ it takes a lower amount to build a higher value even though the higher value is controlling the lower amount if it weren’t for the ‘rotating rubicon’ that the smaller change instigates there would be no ‘revolution to control’ you can definitely witness this within the study of universal physics. Particle pieces are greater … Continue reading Small Change To Ignite Big Change

The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

By Stephan Pisko The cloud is another excuse for more space to place the meaningless basically our society is (or) is becoming ‘intangible’ missing passwords keys to sites that will never open “But I was in that cyber room of data information before !” impossible without the password sorry. The cloud is a legal intellectual nightmare a holding ground of lawsuits’ and is another ingenious … Continue reading The Cloud Concept – Nothing New