Virus Silencer

By Stephan Pisko

The Chinese doctor (Li Wenliang) that leaked the coronavirus data logically knew more about where and how the virus actually originated this is what China’s Governmental powers were afraid of so the “doctor had to die”. He apparently contacted the virus that was a “natural trail” so his demise would probably just go down publicly as just another “virus victim”, but minds must look a bit deeper within this very “psychological picture” China’s Governmental powers weren’t going to release any of this information to it’s citizens’ that somehow a virus was running amuck airborne in Wuhan city they wanted to contain it to their country to depopulate some of it’s citizens without any suspect circumstances to the rest of the world, but a few points in their programmed plan were not thought about carefully enough. Biological and natural warfare can turn this way rapidly beyond human comprehension not only nuclear is very dangerous, but so are laboratory virus strains extremely lethal depending upon the lab original specification.

Look at what these countries are doing to it’s citizens (China – Iran – US – Russia – UK – Canada) all of the countries on this globe possess similar capacities to inflict pain suffering yes even death especially the “d” word! Even a very passive friendly country like Canada; it’s native peoples’ are fighting law enforcement because liquid contraband oil companies are trying to infiltrate their land to build an oil pipeline to pump more greed. It is no different here than in the 1800’s!

When you examine the basics of the current time and environment it “parallels the past” nothing has changed just greedier with more complex confrontation. The scattered slaves in all countries on this planet suffer pain and death because of: greed, power, revenge and ego. China like every other corrupted country will never learn they will “implode with an inner ritual rot”.

A human being “silences something” because it ” knows something others do not currently know, but have the possibility of knowing” China’s Governmental powers’ were silencing the inception of the manipulated outbreak of this laboratory induced virus by silencing Dr.Li Wenliang.