Luminous Expression

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” Charles Cooley

Luminous Expression is a monthly literary digital magazine designed to express the power of literature and storytelling by supporting writers, poets, and literary artists. It is the goal of Luminous Expression to elevate new voices while showcasing different cultures, genres, and mix media. By showcasing literature and storytelling Luminous Expression illuminates the multifaceted worlds of culture, society, art, race, gender, knowledge giving a birdseye view of current and on going issues. Luminous Expression is committed to presenting comprehensive exciting, relevant, thought provoking literature and storytelling that is all inclusive. Allowing Luminous Expression to be able to build a diverse community while introducing the art of storytelling to a broader audience. It is truly amazing the overall power and insight words on the page can provide and we welcome all voices.

The variety of genres that that are included in Luminous Expression magazine are: fiction, poetry, satire, science fiction, drama, philosophy, fantasy, comedy, lgbtq,  nonfiction, essays, philosophy, classic, action and adventure, mystery, suspense/ thriller, mythology, horror, fairy tale, short story, history, tragedy, rhetoric, historical fiction and prose

Luminous Expression is a part of The Dreamweaverarts Review

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