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Welcome to one of the greatest places to find the Movie Reviews And More shows with Brian Sebastian. Whether you’re into film, technology, interviews, products or art this is the place to see it all. So sit back and enjoy the show.

Movie Reviews and More – Moonbikes, NBC The Courtship & Vianka Chung. s2s20

MoonBikes is a powerful and ultra light electric snowbike, a new alternative to snowmobiles. We speak with founder/CEO Nicolas Muron about it. Vianka Chung- Model, Actress, Personal Trainer and Brand Ambassador The Courtship on NBC with “Suitors” Dan Hunter and Lincoln Chapman

Movie Reviews and More – Models, filmmakers Authors & CEO’s s2s18

Kyle Rand CEO of Rendever is overcoming social isolation through V.R. for Senior citizens. Cory Cataldo director, producer and actor of “Without Ward.” International Model Erika Stasiulevicute actress, producer and production designer. Author of “Adventures of Aline,” The 2020 winner NYC Big Book Award Carolina Ugaz-Moran.

Movie Reviews and More – Chef Tamearra Dyson of Souley Vegan and Jack Gillin of OKAI Scooters. s2s18

Movie Reviews and More – Toy Designer David Vonner, Athena Vas and Authors! s2#10

Chef Tamearra Dyson talks about her career and how she started in the cooking business.

David Vonner is a toy designer, speaker, geek, and an independent creative who owns Vonner Studios. Athena Vas the Bachelor 2 winner of Greece and model talks about being on the show from Greece, and what that was like. Christian Lockwood author of Adventures of Jake Hall, and his wife Samantha Lockwood.

Movie Reviews and More – Air-Clenz Systems, and Enviroklenz it’s about health & Wellness. s2#11

Air-Clenz Systems™ is backed by success-proven visionaries, inventors, scientists, and collaboration partners attempting to solve major global challenges caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, with an eye to benefiting the global population at large.

Movie Reviews and More – Women of MRM meet for the first time, Vince Spinnato, & Amy Kaiserman s2#12

It’s Super Bowl week and everyone is meeting for the first time in 2-6years, and or meeting for the first time ever! Most of the girls of Movie Reviews and More, some of the Hasmark authors, and celebrity’s, from the NFL, NBA, Art world and some Influencers!

Movie Reviews and More – Great companies from CES 2022 s2#8

We talk about What The Consumer Electrics Show is, why it’s important for businesses and what we learned from this event with CEO’s, Inventors and Entrepreneurs. Jack Gillin who is a Growth Advisor in Micromobility Robotics and AR joined us with Lisa Haynes of VOYD talking about her Great hand bags.

Movie Reviews and More – The Consumer Electronics show 2022 w inventors, CEO’s and great brands! #7

CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage.

Movie Reviews and More chats with Ron Brewington host of “The Actors Choice”. #25 April 30th. 2020.

STD, ” something To Do” Ron Brewington talks about giving sliver dollars out to celebrity’s and why he started it, He had two outlets one Urban Radio Network and AP Radio during our years of heavy Radio roundtable interviews. Crystal M. Coney was my C0-Host today, she is a journalist and actress and currenting on the ABC Show called the “Rookie,” she’s also a former Miss North Carolina USA, and loves the color PINK.

Movie Reviews and More with DJ BadAsh Pt 2 # 25 May 1st 2020.

PT 2 of D.J. BadAsh talks about performing live and there’s nothing like it. She enjoys requests from her fans, however she wants to be able to see everyone. Ash performed a Stagecoach set at her place Friday night and fans we’re able to come on and line dance with her. Terri Marie joins us as the Co-Host and Casey Wright talks about his brand called “SERAPH”, and how it came about. Casey is a fashion designer, Inventor visionary and works at Space X. “SERAPH” is a great brand he created and it’s pretty cool!

Movie Reviews and More talks to Joni Rogers-Kante about SeneGence and Their new hand sanitizer. #23

Katerina Cozias kicks off the show interviewing CEO/Founder Joni Rogers-Kante about how she started her company as a single mom, what it took working 12-15 hours a day, SeneGence had to be different! Joni says SeneGence is Recession proof, and able to adapt to what’s going on today!
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Movie Reviews and More talks to our good friend Linc Hand! show #24 April 30th.

Linc Hand sits down to chat with Non-Stop Terri Marie, and vocallytash about his career and other things. Linc starts his day at 4 am to go to the gym, and with the virus, it’s been totally different for him. He talks about his character “Crash” in 68 Whisky, working on a Television series, and working in film. For more info on Linc Hand checkout

Movie Reviews and More talks with Trixie Gynn about her brand “Custom Trends”. #22 April 29th 2020.

We speak to Trixie on how she came up with the name “Custom Trends’, regarding trendy things and Fashion. She loves fashion, cars and doing interviews on the Red Carpet. Who knew that she was going be walking the Red Carpet at the Canne Film Festival in Southern France.

Movie Reviews and More Pt 2 show # 22 “Chicks With Sticks” April 25th, 2020.

o Pt 2 of “Chicks On Sticks” deals with traveling on tour, food issues, sitting on the buses for hours, snare harnesses, that didn’t fit women, etc. We talk about who our favorite corps were, who we wanted to march with, and what it was like to be the first women in there snare lines.
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Movie Reviews and More talks “Chicks With Sticks” The Four women who played snare drum in 82 finals

Part 1 of ‘Chicks With Sticks”, show # 21. What a pleasure and a honor to talk with the 4 women who marched 82 finals in a snare line with 4 different Drum and Bugle Corps. Mary Gromko Murray, Peggy Sue Snyder Casey, Kelley Marie Kubitz, and Gisele Cadieux. There’s a great photo of the four girls in 1982 at DCI Finals in Montreal Canada, out of 120 Snare Drummers, only 5 we’re girls. Peggy Casey talks about making the snare line for Phantom Regiment and going to camp, she would practice a hour a day, to make there line. Gisele Cadieux started marching an all girls Drum & Bugle Corps in Canada and ended up marching with the Crossmen. in there snare line without speaking any English. Kelley had many years to master her craft and ended up with the Blue Devils, Mary started with the all girls Fire-ettes, went to 27th Lancers and ended up with the Freelancers in Calif. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

More Reviews and More talks to Ismael Hermandez about Drum and Bugle Corps. show 19 April 24th 2020

Ismael talks about his days marching with the Anaheim Kingsmen, Sacramento Freelancers, and the Concord Blue Devils. Food issues, traveling state to state, and buses always breaking down, are just a part of what Ismail and myself had fun talking about. There’s NOTHING like marching in a Drum and Bugle Corps!

Movie Reviews and More talks to Veronica Parks about nutrition and better life choices, show #18.

We talked about how we met and what happen after I came back to meet her at Starbucks. Veronica talks about food information and energy. Her mission is to inspire and help people be a better you! Veronica loves to promote healthy green nutrition such as greens, smoothies, basically anything green and good for your body.

Movie Reviews and More interviews D.J.Badash on what she does! show #17 April 24, 2020

D.J. Badash has always been a singer and song writer, before she became a D.J. she talks about what lead her to see other types of music and meeting different performers around the world. Terri Marie and Nathasha Rumbos we’re my Co-Hosts today, and it was a different and fun show to do.

Movie Reviews and More talks with David and Joanna Hairabedian about there lives. Show #16 April 23.

This is one of the best interviews that I’ve done! David and Joanna Hairabedian ‘aka Mr. and Ms. America” lol talk about how she won 3 different crowns, visiting sick kids, and David talks about his book “Jet Ride To Hell” Journey To Freedom, of what he went through. Joanna’s book of dreams, give’s insight of how she wanted to develop things about her, and to help other people. There lives are about helping people to transform there lives one step at a time!

Movie Reviews and More finally get’s to interview Bill and Sonia Massey of “The Restroom Kit”. #17

It was really fun to interview Bill and Sonia Massey with Co-Host Nonstop Terri Marie about how they started “The Restroom Kit”. They won 10, 000 at Thunder Dome, on the Steve Harvey show, and we’re able to do a GoDaddy commercial from it. Inside “The Restroom Kit” you have enough products to feel protected! Terri talks about what she does, and how we can help other brands around the world.

Movie Reviews and More talks to Unique Led Products April 22nd 2020 show #12

It’s a honor and pleasure to chat with one of our sponsors Linda and Darrell Frycz of Unique Led Products from Ohio. My Co-Host Gisele Joves from Calif joins us on a Unique Led tour and we catch up to her on what she’s doing.

Movie Reviews and More with Lolli Popitt Pt 2 show #13 April 22nd

We continue with Pt 2 of Lolli Popitt on there brand and design. I have half of my Co-Hosts starting with Victoria Renne Hand, Gisele Joves, Anna Whalen, Nathasha Rumbos, Spencer and Amanda from Lolli Popitt.

Movie Reviews and More with my Co-Hosts and Lolli Popitt #14 pt 3 April 22nd 2020

This was a fun show to do with half of my Co-Hosts Anna Whalan, Nathasha Rumbos, Victoria Renne Hand, and chatting with our new friends Amanda and Spencer of Lolli Popitt. We talk about music, singing, fashion, Miami, song writing and more.

Movie Reviews and More chats with Co-Host Miss Russia L.A. 2017 Anna Whalen show #11

I asked Anna her story of how she came to the states, and all the great things she has done so far in her life right now! She loves to host Red Carpets for Television and Radio and talks about how she became Miss Russia L.A. 2017.

Movie Reviews and More with writer and film critic Mike Szymanski, show #9 2020

My good friend writer, author teacher and fellow Film Critic Mike Szymanski and I talk about movies, film, where to NOT see movies, what’s on Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and what’s happening in the world and of course our best 5, 10 movies and what we can suggest for your viewing pleasure.

Movie Reviews and More talks to Lolli Popitt about Customizable underwear/lingerie Pt 1show #8  2020

So this was a very good first time meet for Miss Russa L.A. and Russa L.A. Court Anna Whalan, Nathasha Rumbos, both Co-hosts and Tasha is a singer and song writer. We had a nice chat and tour with Amanda and Spencer from Lolli Popitt at their place and it was fun!

Movie Reviews and More talks with the president of WeedCon Productions show #6

April 17th 2020

We interviewed the President of WeedCon Products and Safety Harbor Kids. She talks about educating people on the benefits of WeedCon. They have Influencers and trend setters set up at High Noon for 4/20. She has produced WeedCon Hollywood, and loves the products and brands she has.

Movie Reviews and More talks with Co-Hosts Linda Steele and Terri Marie #5

April 17th 2020

Linda Steele says she’s busier now then every before. Terri Marie talks about getting her TRX and training a different way. The ladies talk about training anyway they can. Linda had 100 fans on from France, Lebanon, Calif, etc. Linda also talks for the first time how, she started training, and getting her own gym in Chicago. The girls talk about what’s the first thing there going to do when we can all go out.

Movie Reviews and More with Co-Host Katerina Cozias show #4

April 14th 2020.

Katerina and I talk about what’s going on today and how we’re dealing with things. Her book “Rising Up From Mental Slavery” with her partner Danielle Martins is a number 1 best seller on Amazon. We have 4.5 MILLION VIEWS a day and counting, and we talk about some of the shows we have done in Tennessee, and in Los Angeles. Katerina is a Professional Media consultant, that helps companies and brands so for more info please reach out to her at

Movie Reviews & More With Brian Sebastian with Lumicharge Show#3

April 15th, 2020

We finally get a chance to speak with Balajir on his creation of Lumicharge. We met at the CES Show in Las Vegas, and he shows how and why he made his Smartlamps. My Co-Host this week is Nathasha Rumbos a singer/songwriter from Miami and she also loves to dance. For more info contact

Movie Reviews & More With Brian Sebastian interviewing Nathasha Rumbos about her new music video from Miami Show#2 2020

We get a chance to chat with up and comer Nathasha Rumbos about her new music video, and how it came about. She talks about how she started and where she wants to go next with her new career.

Movie Reviews & More With Brian Sebastian with Fitness icon Linda Steele taking about Fitness and other things Show#1 2020

Linda Steele talks about being stuck on a cruise ship, visiting me in Los Angeles, going to the UK and doing interviews. She plans to write her book and head on the speaking circuit to promote what she’s doing. is one of the many platforms that Linda likes, and smart tech is where it’s at. She talks about how different it is to train now and NOT be at the gym. it’s always fun to do interviews with Linda and to see what she’s up too. We also chat about the Restroom Kit, cleaning and the Elyptol hand sanitizer.

Movie Reviews & More With Brian Sebastian 2019-20

Music Icon-Sergio Mendez, Brian Sébastien-Movie Reviews, and Joanna Hairabedian-Ms. America

Movie Reviews & More With Brian Sebastian #13

December 17, 2019

Movie Reviews & More W Brian Sebastian and Guest Monique Hester show #12

December 17, 2019

Monique Hester, drove all the way down to Costa Mesa, to tell her story about fitness, and being in the fitness business with her husband, Danny Hester who is the first Olympia Classic Physique Champion. Mo is a singer, song writer and empowerment Speaker. She talks about what it’s like to travel with her husband around the world, and perform on stage with, but never taking the shine off of him. I loved her voice, and her songs are very emotional, and inspirational.

Movie Reviews & More Host Brian Sebastian with Brittany Reimann, McKenzie McClelland, Lamonte Good Show #11

December 3, 2019

Brian Sebastian with Co-Host McKenzie McClelland and guest Brittany Reimann, and Cyberyoga Lamonte Goode. With a “Before the show” and then it starts 15.00 Minutes in.

Movie Reviews and More host Brian Sebastian talks with GoSun’s Matt Gillespie and D.J.Emily. show #10
November 19, 2019

Brian Sebastian talks to Matt Gillespie of GoSun, about there products and what he’s doing and D.J.Emily about music, movies Social Media, etc. Emily goes deep with her 900 plus record collection when she ‘s on the air, she loves classic rock and Paul Mccarthy of the Beatles really liked what she started to do. Matt gives the low down on GoSun and why there good with what they have created.

Movie Reviews and More Brian Sebastian, with Co-Host Mckenzie McClelland, Jeff McClelland, Balajir 3 Show #9

November 19, 2019

Brian Sebastian with CEO Jeff McCelland with Co-Host and his daughter McKenzie McCelland talking about there new Energy drink “QURE” Alkaline Water. Balajir Along with Raghunathan creator of LumiCharge Universal Smarthphone charging Station, talks about why LumiCharge is hip,cool, and sexy.

Movie reviews and More host Brian Sebastian With Film Critic Mike Kaspar Show #8

November 5, 2019

Brian Sebastian with Film Critic Mike Kaspa talked about lost films and film at local film festivals around the country. They get into a little about their favorite films and how they got started in the business.

LA40 – Entertainment & the new world of social media (Episode 84) May 10, 2019

LA40 – “How to manage the new world of social media and entertainment” – Is anyone effectively managing this new world of social media and entertainment? And if they are, want to know their secret? On today’s show, host Katerina Cozias sits down with Brian Sebastian, TV host of Movie Reviews & More to chat about the reality of entertaining, and being entertained in this new social digital world we all live in. Tune in and learn how to effectively navigate all things media!

Terri Marie talks to Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg for Movie Reviews and More December 24, 2018

Terri Marie talks one on one with the legendary Leigh Steinberg. He discusses his latest project, Sportamix, and how it has revolutionized networking within the sports industry.

Movie Reviews & More S01 EP01 For The Sponsors
Movie Reviews and More at the Yardbird September 26, 2018

Speaking with Montique Pope-Le Beau. on our events and things coming up.

Movie Reviews and More on WBTVN
Feb 6th 2018 Show #31

Co-Host Zorianna Kit talks about her trip to VIROA and what she liked about VIROA Treatments. Kara Moncrief talks about her clinical training and being on the road and educating the public on the benefits of using VIROA. Misty Tripoli came in from Mexico and she’s all about The Body Groove Movement, dancing and owning your body image.

Movie Reviews and More on WBTVN
Feb 6th 2018 Show #1

This Interview hosted by Brian Sebastian, Co-Hosting Terri Marie, and Gwen Wunderlich, Guest Appearance Alexa Varano inspiring women through her clothing line “Third Wolf Designs” on The Women’s Broadcast TV Network.

Sex Education with Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, was fun and she taught us new things. We talked back in the day with Mike Szymanski on things we used to do, and Mike teaching at UCLA. Zorianna talks about the great things Sea Shepherd is doing lately.

Jan 16th 2018 Show #28

The girls loved the show, and I was happy to join in. Victoria M. Howard came all the way from Florida to talk about her book “Dancing For Dollars” owning horses and her life. Flora Sofia talks about how she came to America and got into modeling and acting. Susan Post, talks Volleyball and Provincial Vodka, Cat Lopez TV chimes in on her life and Columbia.

Jan 9th 2018 Show #27

Edie Hand, Shea Vaughn, Weekly Chris, Victoria plummer, and my Co-Host Zorianna Kit. What a show with growing up in the south, with building a new Women’s network, being a Social Media icon, good singing and a great Co-Host! I was honored to be on the show.

Jan 2nd 2018 Show #26

It was good to see Nikki Leigh jump on a plane from Miami and come on the show! David Cain CEO of America’s Healthy Kids, talks about helping kids fight obesity. Lamonte Goode glided in and talks about standing on one hand, his head and over a cliff on one hand. Brett talks about Celsius and what’s new with them and her new workout schedule.

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