Power Struggle

By Stephan Pisko, The human being is continually enduring a personal “inner & outer” power struggle which is (self) over and above (ego) it is the introverted insecure fragile initiation directly placed in the middle of the interior and exterior desperately trying to find it’s place in the mangled meaning of it all. Ego always takes front and center stage it is the exhilarating extrovert … Continue reading Power Struggle

Psychological Perception – Meaning

By Stephan Pisko, Decision making for the human mind today is how well it can read into this jumbled configuration that haunts our every waking moment and even non-waking moment no I don’t call this moment sleep either. Our waking moment is when we can answer with a ‘yes or no’ as per our non-waking moment we don’t know the difference between the two blind … Continue reading Psychological Perception – Meaning

When Life Gives You Lemons- My Survival Story

By Sherletta Germain 2018 started off so perfect, which was cool because 2017 was a doozie. Have you ever felt like that? Like you wish the year would just “end” already because you are just over it? 2017 left me wanting to leave it right where it was-behind. The year before, I had lots of hard decisions and welcomed the smooth transition into a new … Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemons- My Survival Story

Words That The Human Mind Has Created

By Stephan Pisko We must remember that the human mind has created these words to help us illustrate more fully certain tangible and non-tangible subjects that we as human beings’ cannot explain. These words are basically very ‘generally abstract’ and do not pinpoint any exact areas of concentration we look to philosophy, psychology, physics and metaphysics these allow us to pursue these abstruse subjects to … Continue reading Words That The Human Mind Has Created

Wrap Mind

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ must encompass wrap mind around intellectually meaningful useful inspired passionate purpose this is fantastic health for the entire being physically and non-physically. We must defrag mind everyday review useful communication throughout identity’s daily duration period overall mind must be extremely selectively diligent to “screen in” so that identity’s “contained content” is less than identity’s “expelled extraneous” content of no meaningful … Continue reading Wrap Mind

Big Bang

By Stephan Pisko Who (or) what was the dynamic energy behind the big bang? Physicists believe that it originated out of ‘nothing’ or at least possibly nothing that we as human beings’ can understand and never will totally. Metaphysics teaches us that just because you can’t see it’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not there’ just like dark matter. For the longest time science didn’t … Continue reading Big Bang

Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

By Stephan Pisko Both are constructed by the human mind maybe the difference lies in the speculative fact that ‘fake fantasy’ is created with ‘many visual ideas’ plus ‘one human mind’ where as the ‘real illusion of reality’ is created by ‘many human minds’ plus one ‘broad based conceptual idea’. Fantasy has a ‘freeing effect’ but the real illusion of reality is ‘confining to a … Continue reading Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

Truth or Falsity

By Stephan Pisko Mind cannot grasp ‘dead end truths’ that is a point of defining depths that fraction falsity a far more intriguing space that mind is familiar with over the decades and centuries of human history. When we say ‘mind’ we identify a ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ which spins it’s ‘defining truths’ like a wheel mind participates in this revolving rotisserie blending an equal amount … Continue reading Truth or Falsity

Classical Ways

By Stephan Pisko It is through the “disciplined classical way” do we actually surcome to a heightend visual or sound sensation (or) experience taking the viewer beyond to an otherworldly phenomenon and explaining this phenomenon becomes the most important factor within this psychological development. The sexual experience comes the closet to this heightend intense level of musical composition and sensorial imagery focusing on every body … Continue reading Classical Ways

Rates of Greed = Rates of Survival

By Stephan Pisko Greedy goblins survive because of human beings’ need for survival but could greedy gobbling actually serve a useful meaningful purpose besides selfish hoarding ? When greed is abstracted from power there almost exists a subtle reasonability to it love is greed also, but the sharing of it so greed minus selfish hoarding could indeed with the right intent provide a useful and … Continue reading Rates of Greed = Rates of Survival

Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

By Stephan Pisko A recreated foretold future perceived through psychologically deceived primal eyes’ the “silent singular steel strength” rises over “segregated alienated solitude” an isolated incubation. Subduing society shift by a higher power this is what the monolith means that human beings’ are witnessing worldwide a visual predestined plan made visible aiding mass cleansing changes in preparation for the next phaseout. Continue reading Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

Showered Schmooze Set

By Stephan Pisko When I think of “mission” I’m thinking a godspell gadget with a hanging cross suspended gaping it’s neck who says you have a so called: “mission” in the first place? Your mind perhaps? Sounds like someone has a violent streak instigating a call for “kill the mission?” Ultimately this is a mind that clearly doesn’t really comprehend what it’s viewing some part … Continue reading Showered Schmooze Set


“SUPERHUMAN: THE INVISIBLE MADE VISIBLE” FOR JULY 14 RELEASE WORLDWIDE The Provocative Exploration of the True Potential of the Human Mind Features Interviews and Experiments with Corey Feldman, Naomi Grossman, Rachele Brooke Smith, Karina Smirnoff, Robert Picardo, Michael Dorn, Tom Campbell, Dean Radin, Rudolph Schild, Glen Rein, and Jim Gimzewski. 1091, the global distribution partner and platform for film and television creators and content providers, … Continue reading 1091 ACQUIRES AWARD-WINNING FILMMAKER, FUTURIST, AND VISIONARY BEST-SELLING AUTHOR CAROLINE CORY’S LATEST DOCUMENTARY

To Possess A Future We Must Live In The Past

  By Stephan Pisko We have never known how to live on this planet exercising our total brain powers for useful purposes that would benefit most human beings’ but we can create synthetic DNA life form self replicating bacterial cells – WOW ! This is sadly depressing it shows that our ‘conditioned mental merry-go-round’ still continues where no one ever learns anything it’s just the … Continue reading To Possess A Future We Must Live In The Past

Chess – Inverted Psychological Perversion

By Stephan Pisko, Chess is (90%) psychological mind over players’ master of opponent psyche stamina the game is won (or) lost even before you sit down before the board then you contemplate the razor’s edge nothing to lose you program your opponent’s moves’ crush the ego. Chess drives you to lunacy by taking your ego to the guillotine it consumes cerebral capacity even when a … Continue reading Chess – Inverted Psychological Perversion

Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

By Stephan Pisko The “iconic unknown” shrouds the mystery of ‘where does our energy go when it departs the physical manifestation? Rationally thinking says it must go somewhere beyond possibly to a parallel dimension I believe the human mind will figure out this perplexing conundrum rendering religion ridiculous controlling corruption. Religion is organized deception of the highest order in the name of ‘human hope’ that … Continue reading Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

China Paradox

By Stephan Pisko It’s a total ‘new way of seeing’ that is the only way you can really see beyond, but there are always ‘tell tale’ visual signs’ as the ‘visual is intelligence’. China is laced with paradoxes’ that was birthed long ago within their eastern thought philosophy principles’ there exists a ‘roller coaster ridden’ society among the very young to the very old this … Continue reading China Paradox

New Psychology + Senses

By Stephan Pisko The universe is expanding and the mind is collapsing shrinking to a convex point of useful nothingness where a select number of beings’ will prevail simple survival is evolving into a technical tyrant. At one juncture human beings’ were independent survivalists’ but we are changing places as interdependent submissive savages under domination taskmasters (or) technical tyrants and greed gods. The mind is … Continue reading New Psychology + Senses