Showered Schmooze Set

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By Stephan Pisko

When I think of “mission” I’m thinking a godspell gadget with a hanging cross suspended gaping it’s neck who says you have a so called: “mission” in the first place? Your mind perhaps? Sounds like someone has a violent streak instigating a call for “kill the mission?” Ultimately this is a mind that clearly doesn’t really comprehend what it’s viewing some part of the perception picture has gone askew.

Technology is doing it’s job of “herding” everyone including senior leader to junior novice to beginner trainee also I think “Tik Tok” is where mind copied this “mission mania” idea by the way. Your a well programmed robot who seems to know the “game at hand”, but just doesn’t think mind actually understands what it is perceiving. Don’t worry your not alone there are billions’ like minds’ around this global gob who do not know cerebral “complication” and how it strongly effects an “undisciplined mind”.

Mind can win big at a “showered schmooze set” ,but when intellect must eventually crunch the big-in-the-bang a genuine authentic creation sadly implodes. Redundancy and irrelevancy are both inceptive infections’ that attack the “core creation”. (The human interior) mind is a fantastic spewing suggestion that must be disciplined. This only you possess the control over no one else, just relax and “be you”!! Do not acquire a Richard Branson syndrome or a Jeff Bezos disease these are both KING SIZE showered schmooze sets’!!! not all the future and not saying the so called “future” will be any less infected. Learn, understand and comprehend what mind is actually looking at; the true learning is within the “perception picture” if mind is actually disciplined to the cerebral complication