The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge

A Community That Embodies A Vision For A More Sustainable Future

The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge is an artistic townhouse community designed to create affordable housing for individual artists. Is a part of the Dreamweaver Artists Ranch. The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge creates an housing opportunity where individuals have a safe and stable cost effective sustainable future while becoming a part of a community. The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge model provides a permanent, accessible environmentally sustainable place to work and call home.

The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge is a townhouse community village consisting of 25 to 50 townhouses. The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge is made out of straw bale construction. It is an environmentally sustainable net zero community. Consisting of a work and artist studio, edible and decorative gardens and outside gathering area along with pathways and walkways.

The Townhouses

Plan1:850ft.2 studio,will be available for rent and for guest.The rent for these houses will be $165.00 per day.

Plan 2: 850 ft.2 one bedroom, will be available for lease at $500 a month with $1000.00 down which would be $6000.00 a year. $250.00 will go to a sponsorship for those who might not be able to afford one of the townhouse.

Plan 3: 850 ft.2 What’s multiple plans of two to three bedrooms.These townhouses are available for VIP lease designation at $7,800.00 for one year with a mandatory lease of two years at $15,600.00 which would be $650.00 a month.

The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge consist of a community kitchen, laundry, restroom, storage, entertainment space. The Work and Artist Studio consist of communal artist studio and multimedia work lab.

There are also Individual and corporate sponsorships and partnerships of The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge starting at $1500.00 for individuals and $2500.00 for corporate. There is also a $152.33 fee a month.

For more information contact or Brian Sebastian at (310) 614-0950

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