Film Review of “In France Michelle Is A Man’s Name”

By Vernon Nickerson How many fathers have introduced/given their transgendered children things as adults as if they were children who were never allowed to say no thanks and or reject the offer? Writer-Director Em Weinsten highlights in a taut short film the primary issue of this dynamic where something is demanded from another without asking permission or without determining if a “gift” was what was … Continue reading Film Review of “In France Michelle Is A Man’s Name”

“AVIVA” Extremely Stunning Storytelling

By Liisa Cohen AVIVA, written and directed by the incredibly gifted Boaz Yakin, is an intensely sensual, borderline erotic, love story told through the lens of gender fluid dance, romance and unapologetic physical interactions. It is very gender fluid. The character Aviva is a young Parisian who develops an online romance with a New Yorker named Eden. After a long-distance courtship they meet in person, … Continue reading “AVIVA” Extremely Stunning Storytelling

Luminous Expression Issue #1

  Luminous Expression   Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night. Victor Hugo A SETTLED MATTER A short play By Stanley Toledo   Characters Mr. Keith – official #1 Ms. Dessa – official #2 P.N. 40 – a robot Voiceover – male or female Time/Location … Continue reading Luminous Expression Issue #1