Rhythm and Voices

The brain child of Monteque Pope Le Beau  & Lacy Darryl Phillips  “Rhythm and Voices” is a theatrical multimedia performance piece, consisting of video, artwork, dance, music and poetry.

This performance piece is also a celebration of the work of M. Elisabeth Pope and Monteque Pope- Le Beau with an emphasis on celebrating life, community, unity, and humanity. The goal is to exhibit the oneness of Art as is the oneness of humanity supported by the rainbow spectrum of race, colors, generations and styles. Local artists will be able to assist in creating a vision of community.

The audience is to be endowed with a new sense of awareness, enlightenment and education while being entertained!

What you will need to submit:

  • A cover letter that briefly describes the work and the artist’s background
  • 2-3 paragraph explanation of why the work is a fit for Dreamweaverarts
  • A JPEG photo of yourself
  • Samples of your work
  • Artist’s Statement.

Submissions Guidelines:https://dreamweaverarts.org/about-2/submissions/

Please submit your submission at  Submissions@dreamweaverar.com

We looks forward to your submission and working with you.

Dreamweaverarts thanks you for your time and your submission.


The Dreamweaverarts Team

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