The Dreamweaverarts Team

At Dreamweaverarts we want to showcase and support the world of the arts. We have created a multimedia platform to showcase artists and their Expression, Along with giving their stories globally a reach. With over 25,000 views monthly it allows Dreamweaverarts to showcase the arts in all its forms. Meet the team of Dreamweaverarts that makes this possible.

Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Founder and Publisher

Brian Sebastian

Founding Partner and Chief Multimedia Entertainment Executive

Brian Sebastian Has been working in the entertainment industry for close to 30 years. Working at WPOP News Radio 14, KISS FM, Power 106 and then the WAVE 94.7, before he transitioned to networks television and cable. Brian gives movie reviews and artist interviews from a different in depth angle while asking questions outside of the usual fluff. Brian Sebastian captures more then the story, he captures the heart and soul of it. Over the years he has interviewed 15,000+ celebrities and artist.

To really understand Brian Sebastian, it is important to know he loves drum and bugle corps. It’s his passion. He is a “drum corps nut”. The connection Brian feels to the Drum & Bugle Corps translates into the enthusiasm he has for life.


Founding Partner and Artistic Director

With a career in the entertainment industry which spans four decades in the disciplines of Acting, Singing, Dancing, Directing, Choreography & Songwriting, Lacy Darryl Phillips is a phenomenal artist who, after having attained a wealth of experiences and knowledge in the world, now wishes to nurture the up and coming artistic talent of the future.

Mio Caamaño-Sabourin

Public Relations Specialists and Programs Director

Mio Caamaño-Sabourin is a producer, artist, and writer. Her knowledge and experiences in media, arts, music, and the film industry are extensive. She moved to Nashville, TN and there, she produced music videos and documentaries of the culture and art scenes. Mio is an artist in her own right, connoisseur and art collector. Working with many different mediums Mio’s work is inspired by the relationship between art, music, and psychology. Mio is a strong advocate for helping the underprivileged. She prides herself in organizing regular mission trips for charity, and to promote health education in underdeveloped countries. As a public speaker, she has been involved in community affairs to create progress and champion positive changes. Mio plans to continue her career in media, music, arts, and film. In her spare time, she enjoys attending art, music and film events, traveling, writing, painting and making the world a better place.

Liisa Cohen

Artist Ambassador

Liisa found herself on stage at a very young age, inhabiting different people and playing many roles, a perfect outlet for all that she saw and absorbed. Appearing in films and television, all roads full of learning lead back to her one love, acting. Whether performing on stage, films, or television, or just observing life, Liisa continues her unending pursuit of the perfect performance.

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