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Brian Sebastian

Brian Sebastian is founder and CEO of Movie Reviews and More. He is also the host of a one hour live TV/Radio show every Tuesday at 5pm pst. With his 5 Co-host, Brett Bauer, Gwenn Wunderlich, Natalie Skyy, Michelle Molbegott and Zorrianna Kit. Movie Reviews and More puts on a very international show, talking about Movies, Fitness, Drum & Bugles Corps, The health and wealth of Women, The World Of Dressage, modeling, acting and what’s important to Women. In 2017 Movie Reviews and More started traveling on the road to China, Brazil, France, Yalta, South Africa and through the Mid-west to Film Festivals.

I refuse to be put in a box, as a matter of fact I’m hovering above the box! I do what I say, and say what I’m gonna do! They laugh at me because I’m different… I laugh at them because  they are all the same!

Brian Sebastian

Brian Sebastian has been working in the entertainment industry for close to 30 years. Working at WPOP News Radio 14, KISS FM, Power 106 and then the WAVE 94.7, before he transitioned to networks television and cable. Brian gives movie reviews and artist interviews from a different in depth angle while asking questions outside of the usual fluff. Brian Sebastian captures more then the story, he captures the heart and soul of it. Over the years he has interviewed 15,000+ celebrities and artist.

To really understand Brian Sebastian, it is important to know he loves drum and bugle corps. It’s his passion. He is a “drum corps nut”. The connection Brian feels to the Drum & Bugle Corps translates into the enthusiasm he has for life.

Check out LaFern Cusack interview of Brian Sebastian on ESPN LA 710 AM below.

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