The community of Dreamweaverarts Organization and Dreamweaverarts Team is made up of talented and insightful professionals artist who speak their minds and are devoted to creating change through social dialogue by sharing their insights and thoughts, with the goal of illuminating the world of the arts, social issues, politics, the environment, literature and entertainment. Our contributors are the lifeblood of Dreamweaverarts Organization and with great gratitude, we honor them below:

Mike Szymanski

Arts and Entertainment Journalist

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Mike Szymanski is a journalist, activist and writer with more than a dozen books in fiction and non-fiction published throughout the world. His work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, New York Times Syndicate, Entertainment Weekly, US Magazine, E! Online, Chicago Tribune and many other publications, and he has interviewed hundreds of the most famous celebrities of the past half century.

He is also a tireless activist for environmental and animal causes, and has personally co-produced shows that raised millions for AIDS charities, as well as for Multiple Sclerosis, which he has had since 2000, and hopes you never notice.

Austin Cariker

Film Journalis

Austin Cariker is a passionate writer and artist with nearly a decade of experience in both fields. Originally from Texas, they graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a dramatic writing degree, lived a brief year in New York before the pandemic, and now reside in Los Angeles making stories and art. They aim for kindness and clarity in their work even when handling the difficult subject matters which they can’t help but gravitate to. And although a tough critic, Austin feels for the silver lining on everything they take in. That passion is the best forge for art, and compassion the perfect steel.

Sherletta Germain

Social Art And Culture Contributor

Sherletta Germain was raised in Flint, Michigan and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida (USA) 2007. She is the only girl, and the youngest of three. She is a licensed Life and Health insurance broker, with a background in leadership, healthcare and business. Although she experienced early childhood trauma including the death of her mother as an infant, she attributes her pain to her success.

In school, Sherletta immensely enjoyed singing, modeling, poetry, playing the violin and snare drum. As an adult, she continued singing and writing poems and short reads as a hobby. She became angry at life and did not write or speak publicly for 8 years. It was only after an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 that she became more intentional about her giftings. Here, she would begin her journey of healing and philanthropy.

Sherletta opened a Business Consulting Corporation in 2021. Her target audience is women and children in business. The business was established to manage the 501c3 she envisions in 2022. This Total Wellness space will provide access to financial resources, cranial prosthetics, musical therapy and more.

Since she began speaking again, Sherletta became a global Inspirational Storyteller, Podcaster, Co-Author, and Orator. She specializes in anger, faith, and the effects of ignoring the body. Her style of inclusivism and wholeness approach inspires people to tap into their life’s purpose through self-discovery.

Sherletta has three children, Stacey, Minah and Nadia. Something you may often hear her say is, “Where do the leaders go when they need healing?”

Katerina Cozias

Social and Healthy Living Contributor

Katerina Cozias is America’s Media Mindset Mentor. An international media and communication expert, on-camera TV host, bestselling author and global empowerment speaker. Katerina currently resides in Los Angeles where she is the producer & host of the morning talk show LA40 as well as the founder of VasGeo Media Corp., a Hollywood based media training and production company.

Victoria Porter /MVP

Inspirational Living Contributor

MVP Speaks, born Victoria Porter, decided to take control of her life, which seemed to be plagued with depression and anxiety. A mother of 4 boys, now men, Victoria spent a lot of her life tending and nurturing others, her amazing children especially. Not really believing she had any talents or gifts MVP held positions in community work and customer service. Enjoying all her jobs she never gave much thought to anything else. One day after her mother transitioned, she was having a hard time, a sister friend encouraged her to listen to legendary Les Brown and that began her awakening journey. MVP discovered she had a gift of gab and wealth of knowledge for the world! She began speaking and performing Spoken Word professionally in 2016 . She loves to inspire and remind people that love is the answer and self love is the best love. She is the creator of Bee Inspired Inspirational Messages. A fun and divine tool for all along this journey.

Nancy Lynn

Lifestyle Journalist

Nancy Lynn is trained as a special education teacher and loves the beauty of classical music. She has spent most of her life searching for more of life’?s good things, and until recently, she didn’t realize she needed to think about and focus on the good as opposed to waiting for it to come. Her true desire is to transmit hope and healing to all people.

She believes that there is a Higher Power filled with love, and that each of us has access to this love inside of us.

Donna Laitinen

Culture and healthy Living Journalist

Donna Laitinen offers an unconventional approach developing creative energy thinking bridging the vibrational connection with your child’s illumination of their authenticity and the natural gifts they bring to the world.

Donna Laitinen is dedicated to creating a wiser and kinder world by making transformation education widely available. She wants everyone to have access to transformation tools such as mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-compassion regardless of financial, social or physical challenges. Her purpose is to awaken compassion in our world. Her focus right now is with the autism community.

Joanna Panayi

Art and Culture Contributor Journalist

Joanna Panayi is a Greek Cypriot first-generation woman from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Being a creative thinker, Joanna has always had a passion for the arts, loved participating in school choirs, plays, and musicals. Writing became Joanna’s only solace in times where she could not make sense of her own thoughts. She realized writing was another creative outlet that would give her perspective, give back her voice and confidence. This discovery led to creating her Personal Blog Trending Me.

Trending Me is a collection of heartfelt pieces to empower women and ignite them to do the same. Ultimately Joanna started this blog as her own therapeutic channel to release the thoughts that were too overwhelming to keep inside. Joanna saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between women living in fear, to women cultivating and creating their own reality by embodying their truth.

Mostafa El Awamry

Art And Culture Journalist

Mostafa El Awamry is quite passionate about painting abstract art, poetry, short stories, and humanitarian studies, and activism.

It all started with expressing my own thoughts and emotions in a poetic way. Then he would think to his self about painting them in different colors with different shapes.

Also his thoughts on LGBTQIA+ and women right; made me think about socio-cultural values and their effects on subcultures and minorities. Then Mostafa El Awamry began to research and write about these matters. Hoping that those unheard voices be heard. Hoping for a change, even a little; just for safety, security, and peace.

Jannie Vaught

Health and living Contributor and Master Gardener

Jannie Vaught was born to the bird clan in 1953. Four generations of farmers who came to central California in the dust bowl. Okies. She was called to the medicine path as a small girl. She trained as herbalist and massage therapist. Jannie has always gardened and now is a Permaculture Practitioner

Today at 67 Jannie lives with her two daughters in the hill country of Texas. They have wind, solar power, and a permaculture garden. She has built a food forest in her back yard, started the farmer’s market, a seed library and she writes a weekly column in two local papers. Jannie is currently doing tree rescue in the town where she lives, you can find her on Bloom where you’re planted on Facebook. She is a testament to the Abounding Love of Creator. The patience and encouragement of Mother Earth. Jannie is grateful for the incredible genetics of her Cherokee, German and Irish heritage. You can find her radio show here.

Christopher Roberts

Editor in Chief

Christopher Roberts is a scholar who believes in the power to help others. He has spent many of his years abroad studying and working to improve the lives of the need is a foreign lands. Christopher’s mission is to use the power of the art to improve the living conditions of communities around the world along with improving social conditions. Christopher lives in London, England.

Austin Winter-Chase


Editor In Chief

2012 -2016 Emeritus

Austin Winter-Chase was a world-wide traveler of books. He has helped many non-profits in their goal of achieving higher standards. He was an avid art lover. Austin lived in Alberta, Canada, where he did a great deal of creative work. Austin Winter-Chase passed away in 2017

Stephan Pisko

1953 -2021

Metaphysical Arts Contributor

2018 -2021 Emeritus

Masters Degree within metaphysical-arts and strong background in: psychology, philosophy, Eastern-principles, Buddhism, fine-art, entertainment-film/motion-picture industry, photography, commercial-advertising, mixed-media and creative writing. In charge of all visually-creative fine-art/film-videos keeping within the “Metaphysical Photographic Life” mission-statement of “the unseen influences the seen” the non-physical directs the physical. For more go to Stephan Piskopassed away in 2021.

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