The Artwork Of Eike Waltz

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  • Jason and the Golden Fleece: “Jason had to achieve the impossible to gain the mortal. Such is life.
  • Political Pleasure: “Oligarchy fucks Democracy”
  • Shelf Portrait: “Looking through nothing”
  • Liszt: “Liebestraum”
  • Man Walking on Water: “Hope”
  • Spirit Rising: “Memories”
  • Dance Figurative: “Lingering Movement ”
  • Midsummernight: “Sultry”
  • Mondo Nudo: “Naked Future”
  • Scent of a Woman: “Seduction”
  • Digitized Venus: “Censored Silence”

To learn about Eike Waltz go here

For more information about Eike Waltz go here

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