A Vocabulary of Essential Terms for Universal Understanding

By Vernon Nickerson Add Addition More More than Multiply Multiplication Logs Logarithms Subtract subtraction Less Less than Inequality Divide Division Equal Equals Equality From here we get to Calculus, Quantum Physics, and the mathematics of Star Trek, MCU, and DCU; to infinity and beyond. (S),where (s) equals silence and silence comes before sound. Sound is there to help us appreciate silence. Silence allows our ears … Continue reading A Vocabulary of Essential Terms for Universal Understanding

“They Still Want To Kill Us”

By Daniel Roumain Greenwood Black Wall StreetBlack OilGreen Money A young manMr. RowlandA younger womanMs. PageStumbled upon one anotherIn that elevator everything changed May 31, 192118 hoursA white mobEngulfed with white rage Burn it downBurn it all downA white man runnin’ with red blood on his hands Bring it downBring it all downA school, the library, our hospital, my church Burn it downBurn it all … Continue reading “They Still Want To Kill Us”

Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

By Stephan Pisko “Chopin Ballade” Stallions’ dancing at the carnival with rumbling joy happiness carefree but serious it is love we seek socially but wait we go round and round on the carousel non-stop with our manes’ in the air kicking our hoofs’ we stumble sensationally. __________________________________________________________________________________ “Chopin Scherzo” Gentle we touch immense our embrace on the way never forgetting minus memories’ falling notes’ holding … Continue reading Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

The State Of The World

By Joanna Panayi We are built with a reliance.It is in our bonesWe act in our nature.We learn in our nurture.To fight for our thrones.We conquer the planet.Yet, they do not get it.They continue to thread it.As we continue to spread itWe need to work together.Do not speak if you do not act.Do not act if you cannot speak.These are our livesNot only yoursHisHersEveryone.Your intolerance … Continue reading The State Of The World

Naked Lover In A Coma

By Colin James Ethereal influences are our decor. Choosing these knee high tables has us feigning cross-leggedness on the floor. For me to roll in your direction requires a yogi’s dexterity I do not possess, so rapture still defies me unwillingly. The shapes that pass our nervous windows are asking too much when they try to project ceremonial clairvoyance. Directions to the nearest institution are … Continue reading Naked Lover In A Coma

A Journey To Enlightenment With Mr. Tony Saint Tone Lavorgna

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau In a time of hardship and chaos it is hard to fine those elements of inspiration that can give one hope. Some would say that these are truly dark times that the modern society has plunged into. With little or no understanding on how to move forward it is little wonder why many people find themselves disillusioned. This is where Mr. … Continue reading A Journey To Enlightenment With Mr. Tony Saint Tone Lavorgna

Luminous Expression Issue #1

  Luminous Expression   Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night. Victor Hugo A SETTLED MATTER A short play By Stanley Toledo   Characters Mr. Keith – official #1 Ms. Dessa – official #2 P.N. 40 – a robot Voiceover – male or female Time/Location … Continue reading Luminous Expression Issue #1