A Vocabulary of Essential Terms for Universal Understanding

Photo by Daria Obymaha on Pexels.com

By Vernon Nickerson




More than








Less than







From here we get to Calculus, Quantum Physics, and the mathematics of Star Trek, MCU, and DCU; to infinity and beyond.

(S),where (s) equals silence and silence comes before sound. Sound is there to help us appreciate silence. Silence allows our ears to rest. Once our ears find the rhythm of silence, they attract enough rhythmic sound waves to facilitate sleep. This is different and the same for each person.

We must Be Unconditionally Loving, treat all with unconditional positive regard, and apply the Golden Rule to achieve Balance in Motion in every context as needed to truly thrive.

We can live with noise pollution; we cannot thrive in an environment with constant noise pollution. Failure to understand this basic concept; these basic concepts, is made difficult by capitalism.

Everything I have discussed so far is ‘free’. The fact that no one profits except everyone from something that is free for everyone makes it anathema to capitalist practice. Capitalism always offers the lie of scarcity. Capitalism demands a price, always and all ways.

Capitalism is universally accepted; this is a problem.

When taken to its logical extreme, it can be fatal. Airborne, it is ultimately deadly because it cannot be prevented, especially since we need to breathe to live.

Yes, someone, somewhere, has put a price on air. Science allows us to put breathable air on a spectrum.

We have established and documented the costs of air pollution. We know better everything that pollutes the air we breathe, yet we do no better to maintain the hygiene of the air we breathe. I say that makes us suicidal and homicidal. I say that makes us drunk with power to take away our lives, and the lives of all living sentient beings on planet earth.

Does that power, exercised alone, make us gods? Does that also make us Gods Alone?

Do we wish ultimately, at the heights of capitalism, to be a cartoon duck left alone bathing in a vault of gold coins? Is the aspirational goal of generational wealth being left alone in a vault rolling around in gold coins? Do I really want to be the last man standing, sitting, running, leaping, flying, alone?

Which set of yes or no answers gets me to a company of brothers and sisters beloved, trusted, and therefore friends? That will be the set of answers I most desire.

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