The Artwork Of Juan Markos

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“I am intrigued by the notion of visual representation, the infinite meanings we place upon symbols, the names we give one another, and the symbols we choose to represent us. I wanted to brand a futuristic glimpse of what the future hold for us, not snow on a mountain top or a landscape of billboards we see before us, but roof top islands in the sunset, which I have termed, ‘Swimming with the fishes‘.   Juan Markos


About Artist Juan Markos:

Juan Markos is an artist and designer in Los Angeles. He was born in Mexico and raised in Riverside, California with strong Southwest roots. Juan Markos began working as an artist at a very young age, focusing on collage and mixed media. Later he attended design school where he found an appreciation in technology, which turned his focus to video art. His passion for moving pictures forced him into the inner depths of Hollywood. Juan Markos’s current Series, “Swimming with the fishes” or #SWTF, is a 3-part abstract oil series focusing on the environmental crisis we are living through.

For more information on Juan Markos, visit these sites below:


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