The Artwork Of Jose Angel Hernandez

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Biography of Womanly Blues Part I

“Biography of Womanly Blues is a body of work consisting of 20 oil paintings. It was created in memory of a group of ladies that sang the blues. Each painting has a portrait of a female blues singer from the 20th century. Exhibited alongside of each painting is a short biography of the singer. This project, three years in the making, impacted me like no other project had done previously.

I find these ladies fascinating, traveling throughout the United States at time when road transportation was at an early stage of development. The early woman in blues lived the ups-and- downs of the United States’ economy, the Roaring 20s, and the Great Depression. It has been said the blues had a strong influence on rock and roll, which started in the 40s and 50s. Well, these ladies were simply doing their thing, using their talented voices in their pursuit of happiness.”  Jose Angel Hernandez

To learn more about Jose Angel Hernandez, go here

For more information about the work of Jose Angel Hernandez, go here

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