The Reason for The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch

Dreamweaverarts is appreciative and grateful for the magnitude of support for The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch that we thought we would share just a few letters of support we have received.

The Dreamweaver Artists Ranch is a dream come true…or, it should be and it can be with our public support. The standard-bearer in making this artist community on acres of open land in Northern California a physical as well as a conceptual reality is artist-poet Monteque Pope -Le Beau. Monteque was inspired by his artist mother’s longtime vision of having a destination point for fine artists and authors to meet in a beautiful, outdoor natural environment to engage in creating, sharing, learning from one another, and communing with nature as inspiration and regeneration. Now, after years of planning and gathering support from like-minded artists, Monteque is ready to make the dream a reality.

His plan includes workshops, classes, presentations, retreats of varying length of time, and short-term housing for retreats, or longer-term housing for residents. Dreamweaver Artists Ranch is a benefit to artists individually and to society in general. Guests to the Ranch can enjoy the setting privately, working on their own creative projects at their own pace. Or guests can be part of small or larger groups engaged in collaborative learning and creating. Either way, the Ranch is aimed to be a boon to anyone who visits or stays.

I look forward to the existence of such a haven of creativity and urge my fellow authors and others to help make this beautiful Ranch a reality. Together we can support the arts in a tangible way that motivates and inspires cultivation of our individual and collective artistry. Let’s make this happen!

–Thelma T. Reyna

National Award-Winning Author

Poet Laureate Emerita 2014-2016

To whom it may concern,

When the opportunity to bring a Dream into our world we will all join our hands together to usher the dream into the land. For many years Monteque has held Dreamweaver, a beautiful extension from his beloved mother. A place of community, art, and creative souls to come together. On this 12th anniversary of their mother passing, I also feel the heartbeat of all Mothers. Our Mother Earth has everything we need and more. She beckons us with her Growing and Healing to set our feet firmly in her soil. To feel her heartbeat and listen to her songs of nature. As one of the contributors to The Art of Monteque and a fellow dreamer,” Bloom Where You’re Planted” I ask all who believe to Lovelingly Support this endeavor of bringing The Dreamweaver Artists Ranch into the physical plane. First by intention, then visualize the location, then ask how you might personally be part of the Woven Dream.

And finally for this Permaculture Gardener and writer I see a Long Table with many chairs and a bounty of beautiful food grown there, flowers and paintings and poems to share. To recall the iconic John Lennon “Imagine,” you are not the only one. Together we can bring this to life.

Blessings and Happy Gardening

Growing Green with Jannie Vaught.

Mother and grandmother, and friend to all creatures.

Can Monteque Pope-Le Beau and his team of committed, passionate and creative geniuses build and operate an American hybrid at the scale and scope of the Banff Center in Alberta Canada which is a cultural center for fine and performing artists? If origin stories are any predictor of future success, then YES, THEY CAN!

Born a passionate poet and artist, the child overcame harrowing circumstances thanks to a top of the line medical Professional to the elites who was his mother. They come from a talented and well accomplished family where the arts ran in their blood. It was at the core of who they were. Monteque, alongside his wonderful mother, engaged as a youth and young adult with the greater artistic community as guardian angels to socio-economically challenged young fine and performing artists from the late 20th century to the present day.

Then as now, primarily LBGTQIA+, traumatized, at risk, under privilege and or ostracized creatives by society ills were transformed for good / changed for the better by the philosophy and guiding holistic principles currently directing The Art Of Monteque now Dreamweaverarts. The website features galleries of the creative output of many uber-talented young and established artists. The website’s mission is foundational to the Dreamweaver Artists Ranch’s Mission.

I hope all of you angel donors and sponsors will choose to become enthusiastic and engaged as lifelong audience members, patrons, promoters, and heralds of a new incubator for fine and performance art dreams and visions as part of the community of the arts through the 21st Century…and beyond.

Vernon Nickerson

VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021

To whom it may concern,

The need for the arts has never been greater!

Dreamweaverarts has endeavored to create a place for artists of all types to gather, grow and feel safe in a time which makes us feel anything but..

To artist it is the uncertainty of their future and a lack of support at a time that it is needed the most which is concerning.When the arts should be treated as a part of the economy ( the creative sector) it is treated as nothing more than a luxury. Giving no safety net to those who needed the most ( the artist). The need for support, resources and perspectives for the arts has equally not been available.

This is why the Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is so important. It give a place to safely gather and co-create as a community where one has the feeling of being fullly supported, safe and free to further develop their creative craft in a community of like minded souls.

Artists of all kinds will prosper and feel at home on the magical Dreamweaver Artist Ranch. It is a safe haven for artistic personal growth and healing.

The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch promotes

Spiritual and artistic freedom

Personal expression and growth

Please join me in supportingThe creationAnd development Of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch

Yours truly

Joseph Canfora

Artistic Creative and Actor

Spiritual Healer

please join Dreamweaverarts and many others in the supporting The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch by donating and sharing.

This is a grassroots effort and by working together we can move mountains and make this possible

Thank You for your time and support.

We look forward to seeing you at Dreamweaver Artist Ranch!

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