Happy Pride Month

In life there are certain things that words cannot describe. The past year has been beyond difficult and confusing. It has shown us that the world is not perfect. We as an global community have made mistakes, but it has also shown our humanity. We’ve been there, standing together as an community through the hardest of times and yet we have been able to celebrate life’s greatest miracles. There have been times the hurt and pain has been so bad that we don’t think we would ever recover. It is then that we have to remind ourselves to ignore the jeers, the bulling, the hatred and to not care about what others think. Life has seemed to be full of unbelievable trials which has tested our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another as human beings. As the fight for equality, respect and recognition rages on we must remember to not be afraid to be different and to not be ashamed of who we are or who we love.

The Art Of Monteque would like to wish you and yours a happy and joyful Pride Month. Never lose sight of who you are and always remember the love, strength and beauty that is inside you which makes each and everyone of us so special.

Happy Pride From The Art Of Monteque Team