Fighting For Their Rights

By Stephen Pisko  Everybody are “fighting for their rights” that is the problem issue in most cases’ “friction against the foremost”. Which denotes you are dealing with something that is “ahead of you” and your creating friction with this something that is already “first in time” which immediately washes away any rights’ you think you possess. You cannot claim “rights for yourself” when someone before … Continue reading Fighting For Their Rights


By Mostafa El Awamry In a world full of greediness presidents seem to manipulate the law to get what they want, the way they want to. Moreover, it is a hierarchical manipulating system. When people tend to get fewer opportunities to have a better life, of course, capitalism takes part in it. Political ideologies can interfere with every aspect of every nation, in the way … Continue reading Justice

Popular Weather Subject

By Stephan Pisko, The weather has always been a very “surviving connected subject” but in recent years’ this has escalated dramatically because of “guilty climate fluctuational environment changeovers” worldwide the human being feels extremely responsible for what has and is taking place on the globe. The subject of weather (is/has) become one of the world’s most discussed areas’ in recent human memory it is very … Continue reading Popular Weather Subject

Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

By Stephan Pisko Mars is billions’ of years of past history human beings’ “magnet to this historical mystique” why does mind cling to a bygone timeframe? Even before a durational measurement was within cognizant awareness scope humans’ wish to go back in the evolutionary lineage to the “primordial past” and then what trace the circle all over again? The species’ wants to find life on … Continue reading Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

Sophisticated Slavery

Stephan Pisko, The human mind is a ‘chronic constant’ within everything we are affected by near (or) far I mean you can go into the highest levels of economic business and find that within corporations’ and governments alike the degree of ‘sophisticated slavery is unparalleled and this is all a direct result of the ‘techie age’ we currently reside within and through. Stats, wealth, numbers, … Continue reading Sophisticated Slavery

Losing Their Inner World

  By  Stephan Pisko Human beings’ are losing their “inner world ionosphere” to an “outer oxidation” via an electronic transfer of intellect a “redox reaction” oxidizing reducing agents’ subliminally working side by side achieving electron equivalency. Our quantum inner world where electrons’ are strange in exactly the same way but identical to every other electron same mass same energy charge. Continue reading Losing Their Inner World

See Through Do Not Look At

By Stephan Pisko I think for those who do not within this instantaneous automatic schema board with flat surfaced touch screens these ‘gadgets are our gods’ of the day promising to ‘do more & make more’. A definitive clean cut way of thinking is desperately needed that actually explains useful information that most everyone can understand regardless of ethnic background – skin color – gender … Continue reading See Through Do Not Look At

“Letter from Masanjia” Shows an Inexorable Resolve In The Face Of Adversity

By William Engel “Letter from Masanjia” tells the story of Sun Yi, a Chinese man who spent years detained in a prison camp for taking part in Falun Gong, a spiritual practice outlawed by the Chinese government. In the camp, he and the other detainees were forced to make cheap products to export to the United States. It was here that Sun Yi spied an … Continue reading “Letter from Masanjia” Shows an Inexorable Resolve In The Face Of Adversity

Forget If Life Exists Elsewhere – Does Life Actually Exist?

By Stephan Pisko What’s this frantic concern for life existing elsewhere in the cosmic universe we’re not sure if life actually exists here on planet prison could we be barking up the wrong tree of life ? The human mind always tries to pursue the infinitely unknown in other mental words ‘confusing complication’ consequently ‘simplicity’ gets round filed in the wastebasket. Today we have all … Continue reading Forget If Life Exists Elsewhere – Does Life Actually Exist?