See Through Do Not Look At

By Stephan Pisko

I think for those who do not within this instantaneous automatic schema board with flat surfaced touch screens these ‘gadgets are our gods’ of the day promising to ‘do more & make more’. A definitive clean cut way of thinking is desperately needed that actually explains useful information that most everyone can understand regardless of ethnic background – skin color – gender – we have too many ‘over ovulating’ professional students’ thrashing out mindless pages within two covers ‘thinking their something from something land’ it’s obviously ‘confusing cerebral cross pollination’ called: university.

We will know when our current society has really progressed when the ‘daily newspaper’ concept has been given a decent burial it’s stupid with the notion of so called ‘news’ floating around to venerate anymore ‘useless reproductive thought’ someone calls ‘news’ show me ‘news’ today and I’ll prove to you that it’s ‘old medieval old’ like this current society. The postal system is another useless worldwide service that is not progression it’s keeping our culture in the dark ages when a person can write an email then press a button to instantly be read by the recipient half way around the globe it’s a meaningless waste of money and employment creation.

I don’t think that any human mind cares about tomorrow in this digital fast paced age there will be obviously more ‘wifi waves’ of civilizations – cultures- societies that will come and go before this planet turns into a freezing ball of barren wasteland (or) an asteroid smacks this ‘crazy core’ into virtual oblivion ….. there’s something for the techies hey ? Talking their languid language for sure. So even if human beings’ end up transformed into ‘cyber super androids’ who can copy themselves and process laser lighting speeds this physical place will still remain the ‘greed gasket’ within a fine tuned search engine searching for a way out of this ‘institutional rubik’s cube’.