By Stephan Pisko I absolutely agree that this physical existence is full of Dr. McGillicuddy’s cosmic cure sideshows’ like it always has been and always will be hey, their all trying to survive loosing all forms of possible integrity their not interested in maintaining. Einstein was beyond his time in many ways he was the very first ‘spiritual scientist’ which was very ‘out of the … Continue reading Teaching

Library Book Irrelevance

By Stephan Pisko There are library books’ within this time and environment culture that have absolutely no relevance to anything meaningful (or) useful they don’t really support anything intellectually worth while. So what are these books doing on library shelves? Who picks these pathetic prize? It seems to me that nobody clearly perceives “exactly as illustrated” that’s because nothing is “clearly as illustrated” the nail … Continue reading Library Book Irrelevance

To Possess A Future We Must Live In The Past

  By Stephan Pisko We have never known how to live on this planet exercising our total brain powers for useful purposes that would benefit most human beings’ but we can create synthetic DNA life form self replicating bacterial cells – WOW ! This is sadly depressing it shows that our ‘conditioned mental merry-go-round’ still continues where no one ever learns anything it’s just the … Continue reading To Possess A Future We Must Live In The Past

Special Children Third Edition

By Stephan Pisko Parental peer pressured “special children” forced into an overachieving educational overview usually are “custom designed” company executive CEO’s in the manipulated making they even “all” speak in similar fashion proof positive their “all” cut from the identical “phonetically fractured fabric” and reconstituted competition. Obsessive compulsive routine rituals’ cement a forced level of intelligence which reflects many “intellectual impressions” the outward idea of … Continue reading Special Children Third Edition

Learning + All Knowing = Purpose 

  By Stephan Pisko Your energy was ‘placed here’ to learn (or) ‘replaced here’ to learn the ‘knowing’ must be earned in certain physical stages of development.     Most human beings’ never learn anything here within this physical place because basically they get trapped in the ‘physical pleasures’ that surrounded in temptation.    The ‘all knowing’ is for all to understand if their allowed to, … Continue reading Learning + All Knowing = Purpose 

See Through Do Not Look At

By Stephan Pisko I think for those who do not within this instantaneous automatic schema board with flat surfaced touch screens these ‘gadgets are our gods’ of the day promising to ‘do more & make more’. A definitive clean cut way of thinking is desperately needed that actually explains useful information that most everyone can understand regardless of ethnic background – skin color – gender … Continue reading See Through Do Not Look At

New School of Thought – Special Children – Part One

By Stephan Pisko Mainstream academia inhibits intellectual growth ,but promotes intellectual competition a forced level of intelligence rather than a natural occurring ‘self knowledge’ attracted to you via a non-physical awareness that the ‘you’ was unaware of ‘competition is an intellectual firewall’ stifling self knowledge as the ‘self’ competes with nothing it only challenges. Mind generates a capacity for explosion a dynamic power purpose this … Continue reading New School of Thought – Special Children – Part One