Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

I absolutely agree that this physical existence is full of Dr. McGillicuddy’s cosmic cure sideshows’ like it always has been and always will be hey, their all trying to survive loosing all forms of possible integrity their not interested in maintaining.

Einstein was beyond his time in many ways he was the very first ‘spiritual scientist’ which was very ‘out of the box’ for the late 40’s 50’s especially in that area you know it. Most minds’ just crave attention by saying something irrelevant then thinking their something special old story nothing new.

Teaching in general is an ‘ego toting device’ I really don’t believe in teaching or teaching there is only ‘self-knowledge’ you inform yourself free of charge then never forget it human beings’ spend far far too much monetary on a speculative educational system that doesn’t work then you forget over half of it.

I also agree that on the ‘same old’ question, but only ‘newly updated’ for the current time & environment spacial society everyone is exposed with. It’s a very costly cosmetically cured contaminated cube for certain and only getting more and more of the latter indeed.