Intro — what is a statement of principle?

By Sherletta Germain A Statement of Principle comes from an affirmation, paragraph, scripture or excerpt from your favorite verse or book. I found myself on an abundance journey one year as a challenge within a group I was a part of. Even after I left the group, I still used this challenge as a part of my daily living. I felt it was a great … Continue reading Intro — what is a statement of principle?

Power Struggle

By Stephan Pisko, The human being is continually enduring a personal “inner & outer” power struggle which is (self) over and above (ego) it is the introverted insecure fragile initiation directly placed in the middle of the interior and exterior desperately trying to find it’s place in the mangled meaning of it all. Ego always takes front and center stage it is the exhilarating extrovert … Continue reading Power Struggle

Psychological Perception – Meaning

By Stephan Pisko, Decision making for the human mind today is how well it can read into this jumbled configuration that haunts our every waking moment and even non-waking moment no I don’t call this moment sleep either. Our waking moment is when we can answer with a ‘yes or no’ as per our non-waking moment we don’t know the difference between the two blind … Continue reading Psychological Perception – Meaning

Piece of Eternity

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ identity all wish to “be somebody”……. They enter this existing activity programmed pressured into “becoming someone” but humans’ are something long before physicality inclusion identities’ all contain a “piece of eternity” the unseen energy within bodily mass is timeless without age eternal isn’t that something somebody? Physical identity doesn’t think so! It’s an unknown metaphysical factor mind cannot calculate such … Continue reading Piece of Eternity

Identity And The Eternal Now

By Stephan Pisko Not just an image it is you (identity) not only a role it is you (identity) so you the (identity) really must believe in “that” to go out and sell “that” to other identities’. Don’t always be the (identity) on the “outside of the fence looking in on something (or) someone (identity) truly wishes to be “infinitely becoming someone (or) something” is … Continue reading Identity And The Eternal Now

Living With Your Own Mind Only – Body Language

By Stephan Pisko You’re mind which is the ‘unseeing space’ section of the brain when thoughts arise they are possibly stored within this compartment for a short while seconds (or) countless years depending upon certain mental relationships that are conjured up by the chemicals – neurons electrical impulses of the brain mechanism itself. You cannot ‘find mind’ but it is there never the less without … Continue reading Living With Your Own Mind Only – Body Language

The Original Cherokee Story Of Two Wolves

A group of Cherokee children gathered around their Grandfather, filled with excitement and curiosity. That day there had been a tumultuous conflict between two adults and their grandfather was called upon to mediate. The children were eager to hear what their Grandfather had to say about it. One of the children asked a question that puzzled him, “Grandfather, why do people fight?” “Well,” the Grandfather … Continue reading The Original Cherokee Story Of Two Wolves

92 Quintessential Quandary – Artist’s Passion

By Stephan Pisko Invisible individual fingers’ communicating with hands’ asking questions’ arguing amiably but moreover accepting a tolerence transcendence dribbling through notes and spaces supplying anti-answers’ repeating ritually hands’ are virtually lost luminously faded fingers’ joyfully jester pouncing vigor venomously. “You see but I cannot see you” said hands’ but fingers’ carry on snickering sadistically existing exuberantly although dimensionless fingers’ linger somewhere adjudicating hands’ the … Continue reading 92 Quintessential Quandary – Artist’s Passion

Words That The Human Mind Has Created

By Stephan Pisko We must remember that the human mind has created these words to help us illustrate more fully certain tangible and non-tangible subjects that we as human beings’ cannot explain. These words are basically very ‘generally abstract’ and do not pinpoint any exact areas of concentration we look to philosophy, psychology, physics and metaphysics these allow us to pursue these abstruse subjects to … Continue reading Words That The Human Mind Has Created

Wrap Mind

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ must encompass wrap mind around intellectually meaningful useful inspired passionate purpose this is fantastic health for the entire being physically and non-physically. We must defrag mind everyday review useful communication throughout identity’s daily duration period overall mind must be extremely selectively diligent to “screen in” so that identity’s “contained content” is less than identity’s “expelled extraneous” content of no meaningful … Continue reading Wrap Mind

Spontaneous Selection – Machine Order – Compositional Form

By Stephan Pisko Spontaneous selection’ put through a ‘machine order’ equals ‘compositional form’ this form was already physically present and it was the ‘creative process’ that made it visible. Every art masterpiece required an ‘exacting creative process’ to render it visible physically – the Mona Lisa required Leonardo – Weeping Woman required Picasso and so forth. Basically what I am saying is that ‘all art’ … Continue reading Spontaneous Selection – Machine Order – Compositional Form

Does A Normal Exist

By Stephan Pisko What identity thought was normal wasn’t so how can identity go back to something that never existed in the first place? Conforming with an accepted standard within an average intelligence in the usual state? Sounds very organized and setup doesn’t it? Well that is identity’s normality but when this “segregated state” is locked in a dynamic durational flow conscious mentality cannot perceive … Continue reading Does A Normal Exist

Big Bang

By Stephan Pisko Who (or) what was the dynamic energy behind the big bang? Physicists believe that it originated out of ‘nothing’ or at least possibly nothing that we as human beings’ can understand and never will totally. Metaphysics teaches us that just because you can’t see it’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not there’ just like dark matter. For the longest time science didn’t … Continue reading Big Bang

The Brain Mind

By Stephan Pisko The mind clings to duty and attachment a purpose of existing without this the body is shapeless mass. The brain is chemicals’ with electromagnetic neurons working together to form mental thoughts – emotions – feelings from the visual perception before our eyes some of these chemicals’ we do not have a name for but they are continually changing every trillionth of a … Continue reading The Brain Mind

Life Remixed … A Tale Of Hope From Mike Wilkinson

By Vernon Nickerson I recommend that every library system purchase this book and the audio book. I find Mr. Mike Wilkinson’s words to be inspiring whether in book form or on YouTube, especially when he is being interviewed or on a panel. Life Remixed ( TM) is very appropriate for the newest addition to the self-help pantheon of books entering the 2021 market. It certainly … Continue reading Life Remixed … A Tale Of Hope From Mike Wilkinson

Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

By Stephan Pisko The possibility of realizing yourself found through an ‘inner pictorial state’ on route to the finished picture that never possesses a completed harmonious hyper field. We focus on a ‘restless frustration’ an abstract subtractive method centering on the incidental to essential points of perceptive space to a creative bed of ‘inner pictorial state’. To intellectualize is to investigate this inner pictorial state … Continue reading Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

Review of “Working Through the Infinite Source”

By Vernon Nickerson We All Have The Power To Reach The Stars Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal’s book of Poems “ In Working Through the Infinite Source” is a journey and study of one’s own divinity and how through 30 poems written as palms shows the connectivity of humanity through love. With the intention to transform, educate and to heal it is a simple, but profoundly … Continue reading Review of “Working Through the Infinite Source”