Spontaneous Selection – Machine Order – Compositional Form

Photo by Aviv Perets on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

Spontaneous selection’ put through a ‘machine order’ equals ‘compositional form’ this form was already physically present and it was the ‘creative process’ that made it visible. Every art masterpiece required an ‘exacting creative process’ to render it visible physically – the Mona Lisa required Leonardo – Weeping Woman required Picasso and so forth. Basically what I am saying is that ‘all art’ has already been created but waiting for an ‘exacting creative process’ to unveil it’s physical presence. Non-physical energy (spontaneous selection) + physical time (machine order) equals created compositional form.

There must be a ‘dimensional overlap’ that enables amazing physical feats but appears totally physical to human mental perception. This overlap affects ‘mind & energy’ that directs our physical form to the ‘precise intersection of time intervals’ linking the ‘unseen to the seen’. There are momentary flashes of genius but are in actuality ‘guided directional maps’ to the mind through the energy via the unseen (or) non-physical forces.

When we discover just where our non-physical energy goes after it departs the physical body we will then understand the meaning of physical life. With the unseen nothing is random there are no dice and it’s not a game as the mind analyses.

Human beings’ are dealing with (3) quandaries – energy from another existence and/or lifetimes’ – our physical body in a state of constant flux – & – the human mind which is at best mostly in turmoil most of the time if not disciplined.