Psychological Perception – Meaning

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By Stephan Pisko,

Decision making for the human mind today is how well it can read into this jumbled configuration that haunts our every waking moment and even non-waking moment no I don’t call this moment sleep either. Our waking moment is when we can answer with a ‘yes or no’ as per our non-waking moment we don’t know the difference between the two blind acknowledgements.

Psychological perception is ‘past vision’ that has been revamped for today’s ‘new breed greed’ to enhance poofed repeat reflections of the meaningless giving a ‘mirrored meaning’ to the absolute meaningless of which mind does not compute but still savvies stimulation from this non-computable action. I would estimate that (40) years ago which is an inconceivable chunk of juxtaposed past vision for mind to formulate there was (35%-40%) of meaning to psychological perception and at present day there remains on a good day perhaps (5%-10%) of actualized or concrete substantial meaning tagged to this ‘PP’ conception.

Subliminal buzzwords are one of the ‘key visual alarms’ that set off the ‘pavlovian dog’ in us all our meaningful ding dongs that trigger ‘immediate salvation’ oh sorry salivation to petty meaningless greenbacks $$$$ …. Words like: urban – fresh – like etc. I suppose considering that this existence itself on a subatomic level is a ‘state of nothingness’ with no time for a creator because there were no human beings’ to pin a recognized measurement of space with a reasonable understanding on it. Meaning to( or) for anything was created by the human condition and before human intervention any meaning did not (or) could not exist. Could it be that there is ‘nothing for meaning’ here in this physical quandry ? I mean besides the maybe (5) subjects’ that most human beings’ around the globe places meaning on and talks about most frequently than anything else.

I think a very meaningful discussion could come about on “Is this the here & now?”. Making a quick mental guess I would say no this is not the here and now because as soon as you think ‘exact’ it has fled – we are always living in the past in more ways than one.

Also is it just a ‘survival mechanism’ to exist here (or) is there a ‘direct meaning’ for our current existence ?

Does ‘our meaning’ change from day to day, month to month and so on ?

I would estimate that (75%) of our existence here in this physical place is purely for survival to maintain our bodily survival rate but where does that leave the mind ?

Of course no food (or) liquid and the brain not to mention all of our essential bodily organs’ would cease to function so we are saying here that our day-to-day survival takes up (¾) of our physical lives with (1/4) left aside for other physical/non-physical duties relating to the psychological perception that mind must deal with everyday and out of this births a ‘separate meaning’ aside from the ‘purely physical’ one for our body’s sustenance levels.

The human condition finds a ‘joy & splendor’ out of the ‘completely exuberant meaningless’ and mind ‘deletes the meaningless for meaning’ a utopian urania of astronomical

proportions and the body chuckles —- “OMG !

Yea sure whatever just feed me …..