Life Remixed … A Tale Of Hope From Mike Wilkinson

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By Vernon Nickerson

I recommend that every library system purchase this book and the audio book. I find Mr. Mike Wilkinson’s words to be inspiring whether in book form or on YouTube, especially when he is being interviewed or on a panel.

Life Remixed ( TM) is very appropriate for the newest addition to the self-help pantheon of books entering the 2021 market. It certainly is an deep and moving read. Mr. Mike Wilkinson weaves a dramatic riches to death to redemption in this touching resurrection story. Mr. Mike Wilkinson known in nightclubs around the world as a person who was popular, fun to be around, headstrong, and up for anything. He was the ultimate mover and shaker who was getting caught up in all his addictions. As he was enjoying international travel, having loads of friends, and enjoying professional success he could not have known about the surprises that awaited him around the corner. The inevitability of consequences acted like gravity and what went up in Mr. Mike Wilkinson’s life came crashing down in an autoimmune health crisis causing him to rethink his life choices and priorities.

Life Remixed ( TM) is made for those who need to know that they are not alone. It is not a book that beats you over the head about your wrong choices. It is however a book that encourages the rethinking of your life in a different way.

Life Remixed (TM) will have taught you to fight for your true authentic self, which I think is what Mike Wilkinson intended, whether or not you meet him in person.

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