Tragedy Not Yet

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By Stephan Pisko

Yes I can imagine but really this is not even a “tragedy” as of yet what would minds’ do in a case of tragedy?

Humans’ have dealt with suffering in the past and has conquered somewhat I can say logically that most of what minds’ are currently experiencing are a “greed birthing” to at least 80-85% but many minds’ would I am most certainly to say that there would be “argumentative confrontation” over.

Speaking of sanity …. Has there ever been??

Mind doesn’t have to think to long to arrive at a conclusion I am sure just look before mind’s seeing slaves’ that is your answer.

End of days for who?

Ah … climate change is pale by comparison when you examine the exclusive probable cause of this virus which fundamentally points to “crisis induced by human mind” but mind will listen to climate change first it’s less obtrusive actually more interesting too even though mind helped create it with the cosmos.