Come Birds To My balcony

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By Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal

Hey birds you go around dancing in the flock

Hither and thither you roam around with chirping sounds on each block

Let we go together to the flight of joy

I know to fly too

And my flying is as incredible as you

We shall sing the songs in praise of Universe

The one father to all

Greet the breeze and sunshine

With a grateful soul

What made you sing so beautifully

My heart sings with same story

Let us praise the infinite in its full glory

Everyday I come to balcony and you arrive with the morning sun

As if you both spoke in night and you come to say now it’s our turn

Where you have come from and where you shall go

Your flights and chirping are most important and it is the best show

Come today to my balcony we fly together

Gloriously we sing and rejoice and gather

You go sideways in the flock together and then u take a sharp turn

The flow seems the beautiful wave on the far away horizon

Each day my heart thrills when I see your arrival

As if you come to greet me and cherish the new day arrival

Come birds to my balcony

Let’s go flying and chirping together.

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