Review of “Working Through the Infinite Source”

By Vernon Nickerson

We All Have The Power To Reach The Stars

Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal’s book of Poems “ In Working Through the Infinite Source” is a journey and study of one’s own divinity and how through 30 poems written as palms shows the connectivity of humanity through love. With the intention to transform, educate and to heal it is a simple, but profoundly powerful work.

In “Working Through the Infinite Source”, Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal paints a brilliantly vivid picture of love for a father and for a son. The 30 poems takes the reader on a cosmic journey of love, loss and connecting to the infinite source. It is a personal journey where he lays his soul bear of the mistakes made on life’s journey and the prospective it gives in hindsight. Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal’s “Working Through the Infinite Source” is a luminary vision of what it is to be a part of the spirit of humanity.

“Working Through the Infinite Source” is a beautiful spiritual gift that allows an individual to discover their own divinity and infinite source within themselves.

Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal is a partner in a successful business firm dealing in imported textile yarns and manufacturing fabrics. After beginning his career while still undergoing his university education, he has now accumulated nearly twenty-five years of professional experience in textiles.

Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal was born in the small town of Hisar, nearly 167 kilo-metres to the north from the capital of India, New Delhi. He currently resides in the city of Surat in western India, situated on the Arabian sea, famous for textiles and diamonds. He lives with his wife and their fourteen-year-old son.

Come Birds To My balcony

By Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal

Hey birds you go around dancing in the flock

Hither and thither you roam around with chirping sounds on each block

Let we go together to the flight of joy

I know to fly too

And my flying is as incredible as you

We shall sing the songs in praise of Universe

The one father to all

Greet the breeze and sunshine

With a grateful soul

What made you sing so beautifully

My heart sings with same story

Let us praise the infinite in its full glory

Everyday I come to balcony and you arrive with the morning sun

As if you both spoke in night and you come to say now it’s our turn

Where you have come from and where you shall go

Your flights and chirping are most important and it is the best show

Come today to my balcony we fly together

Gloriously we sing and rejoice and gather

You go sideways in the flock together and then u take a sharp turn

The flow seems the beautiful wave on the far away horizon

Each day my heart thrills when I see your arrival

As if you come to greet me and cherish the new day arrival

Come birds to my balcony

Let’s go flying and chirping together.

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“Working Through the Infinite Source”

ISBN: 9781774820186

ISBN-10: 1774820188

Publisher: Hasmark Publishing International

Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021

Pages: 150

Language: English