Review of “Working Through the Infinite Source”

By Vernon Nickerson We All Have The Power To Reach The Stars Mr. Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal’s book of Poems “ In Working Through the Infinite Source” is a journey and study of one’s own divinity and how through 30 poems written as palms shows the connectivity of humanity through love. With the intention to transform, educate and to heal it is a simple, but profoundly … Continue reading Review of “Working Through the Infinite Source”

The State Of The World

By Joanna Panayi We are built with a reliance.It is in our bonesWe act in our nature.We learn in our nurture.To fight for our thrones.We conquer the planet.Yet, they do not get it.They continue to thread it.As we continue to spread itWe need to work together.Do not speak if you do not act.Do not act if you cannot speak.These are our livesNot only yoursHisHersEveryone.Your intolerance … Continue reading The State Of The World

Artist Artistry

By Stephan Pisko Trickling water walking over stones spraying sentimentality upon artist’s artistry gesturally with painful protuberance a famous familiarity tune shrouded within unforgeability we reminisce intensely nervously rushing with exacting standards marvelous memories felt feverishly elegant eclectic establishments surge charged sensation soars repetition serves the grandeur artistry assigns feeling it ventures through physicality on route but where? Continue reading Artist Artistry

A poetry review of ” Strangers, A Collection Of Poems By André Richardson Hogan II”

    By: Austin Winter-Chase To just say that poet André Richardson Hogan II poems  are raw and edgy is to say that Michelangelo was good at drawing. André Richardson Hogan II was born in 1978 in Chicago. He is a playwright, screenwriter, poet, essayist, visual artist, and theater critic. His plays have received stage readings and productions in numerous theaters which include the American Theater … Continue reading A poetry review of ” Strangers, A Collection Of Poems By André Richardson Hogan II”