The Transformation Of Medusa


By Joanna Panayi,

#3 Transformation

No No
What have you done to me?
My beauty, my beauty
Has escaped my being
The biting on my neck
The poison in my veins
Why is my hair moving?
The feeling is strange
A snake
Or two
Or 5
Biting me
on the side
I am in agony
You watch me suffer
That smirk on your face
With the evil in your smile
I went from feeling peaceful
and now I feel vile
Why have you forsaken
The actions I did not take

Without a trace
I cannot recognize my face
The fangs on my teeth
The brittle of my skin
What is this texture?
Scales of a fin?
Slimy, grimy
What is happening to me?

My tongue is changing
I am twisting
My Legs
No walking
No running

I am Intertwining
I can only

My blood becomes thinner
I shiver
Now I am left
My beauty
My heart
My theft

I am alone

What will I do next?
Hiss through my life?
The Gods have decided
On this very night
I can no longer be beautiful
I can no longer be bright
I remain in the dark
While anger overcomes
Along with my sadness
My cries from the lies
I am hideous
A glorious life was mine
My faith was too great
My faith granted me death
Granted me darkness
If I did not believe
I would not be so
All I can be
All I can do
Is hiss
Into the blackness
Of The abyss