Who Cares About The Future – Que Sera Sera

By Stephan Pisko

This song: “Whatever Will Be Will Be – The Future Is Not Ours To See” (Que Sera Sera) is typical of a selfish humanoid concept we don’t care about the future whatever will come we don’t care we won’t be here physically anyways so to hell with the future but because ‘Doris Day’ a Hollywood actress-singer of the 50’s and 60’s sang this particular “manipulated mind melody” it was immediately turned into something “romantically cute” very strange selfish philosophy of that era where the “family unit” was the ultimate “control chamber” this was-is scary stuff sugar coated cutesy!

Just recently there was a TV commercial that featured a ‘man of color’ lip singing this song now what does that still tell you about the future it subliminally says: “Ah .. Nothing is going to change everything will remain like it always has been maybe just more technological terrific (35) years behind the tech times but terrific but not for you and definitely not anything to do with “democracy” because it doesn’t exist.