Fighting For Their Rights

By Stephen Pisko  Everybody are “fighting for their rights” that is the problem issue in most cases’ “friction against the foremost”. Which denotes you are dealing with something that is “ahead of you” and your creating friction with this something that is already “first in time” which immediately washes away any rights’ you think you possess. You cannot claim “rights for yourself” when someone before … Continue reading Fighting For Their Rights

Identity And The Eternal Now

By Stephan Pisko Not just an image it is you (identity) not only a role it is you (identity) so you the (identity) really must believe in “that” to go out and sell “that” to other identities’. Don’t always be the (identity) on the “outside of the fence looking in on something (or) someone (identity) truly wishes to be “infinitely becoming someone (or) something” is … Continue reading Identity And The Eternal Now

Big Bang

By Stephan Pisko Who (or) what was the dynamic energy behind the big bang? Physicists believe that it originated out of ‘nothing’ or at least possibly nothing that we as human beings’ can understand and never will totally. Metaphysics teaches us that just because you can’t see it’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not there’ just like dark matter. For the longest time science didn’t … Continue reading Big Bang

Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

By Stephan Pisko The possibility of realizing yourself found through an ‘inner pictorial state’ on route to the finished picture that never possesses a completed harmonious hyper field. We focus on a ‘restless frustration’ an abstract subtractive method centering on the incidental to essential points of perceptive space to a creative bed of ‘inner pictorial state’. To intellectualize is to investigate this inner pictorial state … Continue reading Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

One Track Minds

By Stephan Pisko These military henchmen in U.S. – Russia – Iran – China – in all cell countries’ worldwide have one thing common to their “one track minds”: dominate – control – kill – revenge – maybe mass mentality will believe it now in light of this “Iranian Incident” these cell countries’ do not care about their citizens’ irregardless of what they outwardly display. … Continue reading One Track Minds


By Stephan Pisko I absolutely agree that this physical existence is full of Dr. McGillicuddy’s cosmic cure sideshows’ like it always has been and always will be hey, their all trying to survive loosing all forms of possible integrity their not interested in maintaining. Einstein was beyond his time in many ways he was the very first ‘spiritual scientist’ which was very ‘out of the … Continue reading Teaching

Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

By Stephan Pisko A recreated foretold future perceived through psychologically deceived primal eyes’ the “silent singular steel strength” rises over “segregated alienated solitude” an isolated incubation. Subduing society shift by a higher power this is what the monolith means that human beings’ are witnessing worldwide a visual predestined plan made visible aiding mass cleansing changes in preparation for the next phaseout. Continue reading Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

Who Cares About The Future – Que Sera Sera

By Stephan Pisko This song: “Whatever Will Be Will Be – The Future Is Not Ours To See” (Que Sera Sera) is typical of a selfish humanoid concept we don’t care about the future whatever will come we don’t care we won’t be here physically anyways so to hell with the future but because ‘Doris Day’ a Hollywood actress-singer of the 50’s and 60’s sang … Continue reading Who Cares About The Future – Que Sera Sera

China Paradox

By Stephan Pisko It’s a total ‘new way of seeing’ that is the only way you can really see beyond, but there are always ‘tell tale’ visual signs’ as the ‘visual is intelligence’. China is laced with paradoxes’ that was birthed long ago within their eastern thought philosophy principles’ there exists a ‘roller coaster ridden’ society among the very young to the very old this … Continue reading China Paradox