Third Industrial Revolution

By Stephan Pisko It doesn’t really matter what happens to corporation industry speaking of a third industrial revolution big deal they can battle it out in the trenches of Fortune 500 but I can tell you this after all their corporate ‘greed grabs’ hair pulling antic escapades are done it’s the ‘citizens of the countries’ that will suffer in agony before all of this ‘skeet … Continue reading Third Industrial Revolution

Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

By Stephan Pisko The possibility of realizing yourself found through an ‘inner pictorial state’ on route to the finished picture that never possesses a completed harmonious hyper field. We focus on a ‘restless frustration’ an abstract subtractive method centering on the incidental to essential points of perceptive space to a creative bed of ‘inner pictorial state’. To intellectualize is to investigate this inner pictorial state … Continue reading Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

By Stephan Pisko Both are constructed by the human mind maybe the difference lies in the speculative fact that ‘fake fantasy’ is created with ‘many visual ideas’ plus ‘one human mind’ where as the ‘real illusion of reality’ is created by ‘many human minds’ plus one ‘broad based conceptual idea’. Fantasy has a ‘freeing effect’ but the real illusion of reality is ‘confining to a … Continue reading Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

Soulless Place

By Stephan Pisko A soulless place could exist anywhere it solely depends on the perceptive placement of one’s disciplined dynamics’ cutting through the dishonest deception that mind fabricates. There was a time when you could learn something via traveling but this has all changed sadly you can still learn very ‘basic culture’ an atmosphere of a place and/or country but that is all whatever the … Continue reading Soulless Place

Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

By Stephan Pisko Mars is billions’ of years of past history human beings’ “magnet to this historical mystique” why does mind cling to a bygone timeframe? Even before a durational measurement was within cognizant awareness scope humans’ wish to go back in the evolutionary lineage to the “primordial past” and then what trace the circle all over again? The species’ wants to find life on … Continue reading Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

Nature – Unity of Survival

By Stephan Pisko Nature has adapted to live together within a “unity of survival” human beings’ have not adapted in this way but in much more selfish ways’ greed created the “catastrophic clash” humans’ live together everyday for the pursuit purpose of “self wanting” thereby stimulating confrontation disharmony unnatural effort human beings’ live together within a “unity of selfish pleasurable survival” this is how this … Continue reading Nature – Unity of Survival

Puppet Politicians

By Stephan Pisko The underlying meaning that my particular statement is suggesting is it gives these social media “mouth pieces” audience ears’ their not doing this for free they are getting paid to “mean mouth” that’s their job just like the politician’s job on the elites’s payroll a total “script reader” puppet politics given a “set written directive” to carry out every day and they … Continue reading Puppet Politicians

Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

By Stephan Pisko Climate change is the “kamikaze plane” going down that nobody wants to do anything about because certain select uber rich human beings’ just don’t care about any human being and/or are relocating to another planet anyways plus it’s a great way to get rid of the mass earthed population and start over with a master race of humans’ just like old Hitler … Continue reading Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

By Stephan Pisko “Banksy” is a scavenger surrealist that is extremely damaging to authentically genuine struggling artists’ this innate individual is a “monetary maniac” forcing the public with the distinct impression of a “humanitarian caring heart” but this is furthest from the treacherous truth this person is taking advantage of this virus “human health turmoil” using it for selfish savage notoriety gain initializing mass market … Continue reading Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

The Howling Moment Of Change

At this moment everything that our society was built upon seems to be falling away. Showing the true inadequacy of our global community. It seems time and time again we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, each time we state that we have finally learned the lessons of humanity and yet tribalism still reigns supreme. Each individual tribe has come to live inside … Continue reading The Howling Moment Of Change

Democratic Chicanery

By Stephan Pisko It’s all cloaked in a shroud positive and negative is cleverly calculated to appear ‘just’ but the puppeteers’ manipulate everything within this regard do not let your mind tell you otherwise or your on ‘automatic deception’ like the mass billions’ on this global gob. It’s setup very very organized which have come along way since World War II this was their ‘wakeup … Continue reading Democratic Chicanery

Us And Iran Were Both Wrong

By Stephan Pisko Countries’ do not care about their citizens’ Iran’s “missile mishap” is a clean cut example of this fact. Did Iran even think before they fired off (12) Russian made missiles’ that maybe possibly might just might hit a commercial airline/s? And keep in mind this is a “religiously spiritual” based country going back thousands’ of years’ I think that this was a … Continue reading Us And Iran Were Both Wrong