Dirty Harry and Meghan Me Me

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

Looks like “Dirty Harry & Meghan Me Me” wants attention well their going to get it big time if they think their little “crybaby poor us scheme” is going to work publicly it will alright only in a nefariously negative mode.

He roped her into his “royal corruptive mess” but then “she always wanted to be so special” it’s written all over her self-centered face. Well they both may as well wear t-shirts’ saying: “I’m with him he’s late” and “I’m with her she’s expired” but ritial rites timing must be in perfect lizard order like “Diana’s Demise” (right day – right moon – right location – right method) something will go down it’s just a small matter of timing!

Diana took it to the media too only alone if these (two) naive nymphs’ believe their stronger together up against these “reptilian grim reapers” living in that castle who for decades’ have eradicated humans’ – stole their money – stole their land – then went on saying: “We are Royalty!” this is your royal success story by the way.

The “Royal Rotters” should of all been literally thrown out of England countless decades’ ago they serve no useful meaningful purpose only an ongoing testament to greed and corruption. Just look what their continuing to do to the UK sending it back to “their good old days” extremely rich and desperately poor with no middle way.