“Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

By Stephan Pisko “Branson & Bezos” what a greedy egotistical comedy team their socialized clowns! They are both absolutely hilarious “space cissies” firing rocketships’ into outer space every month hitching a ride on a high altitude aviation vessel for a taste of weightlessness?? Don’t you mean brainlessness?? Richard Branson is the same degenerate that swam into shark infested waters was bitten and chewed on then … Continue reading “Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

Third Industrial Revolution

By Stephan Pisko It doesn’t really matter what happens to corporation industry speaking of a third industrial revolution big deal they can battle it out in the trenches of Fortune 500 but I can tell you this after all their corporate ‘greed grabs’ hair pulling antic escapades are done it’s the ‘citizens of the countries’ that will suffer in agony before all of this ‘skeet … Continue reading Third Industrial Revolution

Rates of Greed = Rates of Survival

By Stephan Pisko Greedy goblins survive because of human beings’ need for survival but could greedy gobbling actually serve a useful meaningful purpose besides selfish hoarding ? When greed is abstracted from power there almost exists a subtle reasonability to it love is greed also, but the sharing of it so greed minus selfish hoarding could indeed with the right intent provide a useful and … Continue reading Rates of Greed = Rates of Survival

Virus Silencer

By Stephan Pisko The Chinese doctor (Li Wenliang) that leaked the coronavirus data logically knew more about where and how the virus actually originated this is what China’s Governmental powers were afraid of so the “doctor had to die”. He apparently contacted the virus that was a “natural trail” so his demise would probably just go down publicly as just another “virus victim”, but minds … Continue reading Virus Silencer

Democratic Chicanery

By Stephan Pisko It’s all cloaked in a shroud positive and negative is cleverly calculated to appear ‘just’ but the puppeteers’ manipulate everything within this regard do not let your mind tell you otherwise or your on ‘automatic deception’ like the mass billions’ on this global gob. It’s setup very very organized which have come along way since World War II this was their ‘wakeup … Continue reading Democratic Chicanery

Greed and Power Hires Genius

By Stephan Pisko Greed and power hires genius to create destruction via a control pattern effect with this genius is effectively managed through dominant patterns’ but fails to realize the probable purpose of it’s domination. Might and mind are separate, but they too converge randomly as social irritations’ flutter agitation stirring the ‘power pot’ while greed gobbles it up. The masses expect theater trauma, it … Continue reading Greed and Power Hires Genius

Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

By Stephan Pisko,   A free monetary gift is virtuous sounds great, but there is an underlying invisible price to pay! How did this mysterious gift turn into being ‘free’? Was it always indeed free? How was this free gift acquired through corruption – deceit – lies? How does a ‘mad-dog greedy’ individual suddenly turn into a monetary Santa Claus? There must be a pompous … Continue reading Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

Human Greed: Go Back, We Fracked Up Everything!

By: Stephan Pisko The greater the human population the greater the chances for humongous human greed with so many more cultures and countries buying into world system structure technologies – fast food – make more – do more – get extra – do the most – get the most – it’s real greed grabbing gusto worldwide to think of (9) billion plus people with virtually … Continue reading Human Greed: Go Back, We Fracked Up Everything!