“Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

“Branson & Bezos” what a greedy egotistical comedy team their socialized clowns! They are both absolutely hilarious “space cissies” firing rocketships’ into outer space every month hitching a ride on a high altitude aviation vessel for a taste of weightlessness?? Don’t you mean brainlessness??

Richard Branson is the same degenerate that swam into shark infested waters was bitten and chewed on then splattered the pics on Facebook and LinkedIn this guy must be absent a few marbles’ from the Branson Bag! Jeff Bezos is just as confrontationally great greedy egotistical social clown they both make a sensational comedic team in Vegas as headliners “Branson & Bezos” Socialized Clowns’ ….. who think their successful court jesters!

These two space cissies’ are no more the future than the hula hoop (1958). Instruct your children please DON’T grow up to be like “Branson (or) Bezos” this is “NOT SUCCESS” children! This is “NOT THE FUTURE” kids! These two “SOCIAL CLOWNS” are “NOT ROLE MODELS” for anything besides being greedy and egotistical I mean what did (and/or) do they (and/or) actually do?? That is the “billion dollar question” not many minds’ could answer.

“Branson & Bezos” are NOT genuinely interesting intellectual individuals’ their “BOTH BORING” leave the room types’ they pay people to like them – They pay people to write for them – They pay people to think for them – They are NOT REAL BEINGS’ monetary solely creates their very limited lives’ and ego drives their extremely infinite insecurities! They are dangerous psychos’ messing with mass minds’ who think their BOTH successful like they have BOTH conned the masses’ into believing!

“Branson & Bezos” are ECONO WEALTHY the “real rich” are invisible and unaccountable! The “real rich” don’t clown around they possess mega trillions’ soon to be mega zillions’ they buy countries’ , they keep third world countries’ third world poor! And so on I think that you get the picture ….. What an excellent excuse!

“Branson & Bezos” just clown around with their oversized greed and egos’ and do something ….. still trying to figure that out! Maybe their both employed with the super mega elite as “court jesters” keep the masses’ confused and entertained at the same time!