“Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

By Stephan Pisko “Branson & Bezos” what a greedy egotistical comedy team their socialized clowns! They are both absolutely hilarious “space cissies” firing rocketships’ into outer space every month hitching a ride on a high altitude aviation vessel for a taste of weightlessness?? Don’t you mean brainlessness?? Richard Branson is the same degenerate that swam into shark infested waters was bitten and chewed on then … Continue reading “Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

By Stephan Pisko The possibility of realizing yourself found through an ‘inner pictorial state’ on route to the finished picture that never possesses a completed harmonious hyper field. We focus on a ‘restless frustration’ an abstract subtractive method centering on the incidental to essential points of perceptive space to a creative bed of ‘inner pictorial state’. To intellectualize is to investigate this inner pictorial state … Continue reading Restless Frustration – Inner Pictorial State

Puppet Politicians

By Stephan Pisko The underlying meaning that my particular statement is suggesting is it gives these social media “mouth pieces” audience ears’ their not doing this for free they are getting paid to “mean mouth” that’s their job just like the politician’s job on the elites’s payroll a total “script reader” puppet politics given a “set written directive” to carry out every day and they … Continue reading Puppet Politicians

Showered Schmooze Set

By Stephan Pisko When I think of “mission” I’m thinking a godspell gadget with a hanging cross suspended gaping it’s neck who says you have a so called: “mission” in the first place? Your mind perhaps? Sounds like someone has a violent streak instigating a call for “kill the mission?” Ultimately this is a mind that clearly doesn’t really comprehend what it’s viewing some part … Continue reading Showered Schmooze Set

New Creative Gears in the Gallery

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ know perceptually what they like to see and what they do not like to see the ‘idea of art’ really doesn’t come into question for it is far more perceptually straightforward all the gallery does is program and condition the ‘conceptual idea’ that ‘this is art (or) that is art’ with cosmetic artistic beliefs that produce a ‘showing of ego’ … Continue reading New Creative Gears in the Gallery

Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

By Stephan Pisko Climate change is the “kamikaze plane” going down that nobody wants to do anything about because certain select uber rich human beings’ just don’t care about any human being and/or are relocating to another planet anyways plus it’s a great way to get rid of the mass earthed population and start over with a master race of humans’ just like old Hitler … Continue reading Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

By Stephan Pisko “Banksy” is a scavenger surrealist that is extremely damaging to authentically genuine struggling artists’ this innate individual is a “monetary maniac” forcing the public with the distinct impression of a “humanitarian caring heart” but this is furthest from the treacherous truth this person is taking advantage of this virus “human health turmoil” using it for selfish savage notoriety gain initializing mass market … Continue reading Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

By Stephan Pisko The “iconic unknown” shrouds the mystery of ‘where does our energy go when it departs the physical manifestation? Rationally thinking says it must go somewhere beyond possibly to a parallel dimension I believe the human mind will figure out this perplexing conundrum rendering religion ridiculous controlling corruption. Religion is organized deception of the highest order in the name of ‘human hope’ that … Continue reading Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go