New Creative Gears in the Gallery

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

By Stephan Pisko

Human beings’ know perceptually what they like to see and what they do not like to see the ‘idea of art’ really doesn’t come into question for it is far more perceptually straightforward all the gallery does is program and condition the ‘conceptual idea’ that ‘this is art (or) that is art’ with cosmetic artistic beliefs that produce a ‘showing of ego’ this is the furthest away from ‘true intimate personal feeling artistic values’ the core is aimed at the monetary while the artist remains a ‘mystically blurred figure head’ that the viewer never gets the opportunity to know.

The perceiver must know the artist firstly however well known (or) unknown when the viewer of the transcribed perception has a ‘genuine gesture of feeling’ the artist’s breath – touching his (or) her hand – smelling his (or) her texture there possesses an ‘authentic sensorial transcendental aura’ although unseen it is instantly felt before any idea of purchasing the artist’s work. The perceiver must be moved by the creator’s energy in some useful meaningful way because the perceiver is purchasing a ‘piece of the artist’ and ‘placing this piece’ in their inner sanctum called their home where truth exists the perceiver is placing a piece of the artist within this special personal place having been moved by energy but obtained physically by monetary means. There can be no illusion within this truthful dwelling the artist’s piece may be an illusion – the artist may be an illusion but the ‘perceiver’s place’ possesses tremendous truth and this is where the ‘artist’s value’ lies the perceiver was moved non-physically but obtained the artist’s work physically so what really truthfully exists here is the non-physical over the physical a ‘new definition’ a transition an equation – if you will – on this process. Creation has absolutely nothing to do with monetary value this is an ‘outward blockage’ that inhibits and prohibits stifles an ‘honest movement of artistic process’ even the ‘idea of art’ is a blockage that smothers creative process.

The artist’s piece is process made visible through a ‘true intimate personal feeling artistic value’ the monetary has given this so called ‘art idea’ status that serves a one-sided purpose of the elite a ‘status symbol’ an icon of ‘who you think you are’ but has no meaning past this ‘decadent souring aroma’ sector. However well-known (or) unknown an artist may be (he/she) must be ‘affordable & accessible’ for any artistic meaning to be born within the perceiver.

The artist is a ‘living palette’ a canvas that must be sensorially touched in physical proximities as well as non-physical sensations just as you would touch – feel – smell – taste the ‘artist’s piece’ so you also sense the ‘living palette’ for a ‘personal intimate useful meaningful’ view of self.