The Core Of Gardening

By Jannie Vaught

I would like to begin this week’s column by sharing a quote.

” When you have hope in the future you have power in the present.” John C. Maxwell American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books on leadership.

This is at the core of Farming, ‘gardening, small or large grower and seed saver is for this gardener the grass roots embodiment of this quote. Who else will plant a hard seed in dry soil and Know that as nature brings the rain and sun it will sprout and grow into food for the family and community and might I add the Country?

As we begin the journey to our Holidays, I am keenly aware of the bigger picture of the American Farmer who works to bring that abundance to our table. It is November and the fall garden is in the ground and in pots in the high tunnel. What you can plant in November. Asian greens transplant or seed, beets for 2 more weeks. Soft neck garlic through the full month. it is 260 days to harvest. Radish. Shallots. Spinach seeds or transplants. Turnip and rutabaga. And if you are going to start an Asparagus patch it goes in January so start looking for 2-year-old crowns. And pre dig and compost your bed, easier to do now. I have begun to transplant my pepper plants into large buckets and place them into the hoop house for winter. So far so good as long as I had the soil damp and, in the pot, and removed a large amount of soil when it was dug up. Dampen again and a light fish seaweed water. If your high tunnel has less sunlight you may consider a few securely attached grow light as the sunlight will shorten daily.

As per usual fall preparation, a sew and throw cover crop of Hairy vetch, crimson clover, and elbon rye have been tossed. Mulch is always in a process of going under trees, and along with inground greens and fava beans. Yes, Fava beans are hardy through the deep cold. And we are just getting started. I installed my outdoor PVC hoops that go over the in-ground garden and 50% frost cloth or burlap goes over to make a warm tunnel in case of freeze. I did maintenance on the outside faucets and did repairs and got all the frost covers ready and close at hand next is tool cleaning and oiling, then dry storage. Also need to do maintenance on the mower and tiller.

It is always a list but I am beginning to get it checked off. I hope you are inspired to hope in the future and have power today as you enjoy this fantastic fall garden.

Growing green with Jannie