Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

By Jannie Vaugh George Washington supposedly thought it was “disreputable” for farmers to buy seeds every year. If you want to save seeds from one year to the next, you need to grow open-pollinated varieties (not hybrids) and know if a plant is self-pollinated or wind or insect-pollinated. If it is self-pollinating, seeds are easy to save, and the plants next year will look like … Continue reading Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

Beyond Our Garden

By Jannie Vaught There are many people working together to bring biological diversity and food production together to bring food to our table and growing native forests and plants together for a truly sustainable healthy practice. For example here in our Texas farm ranching the use of planting Daikon radishes as a cover crops between seasonal crops using “No-Till” practices by simply using a seed … Continue reading Beyond Our Garden

The Faith of The Humble Mustard Seed

Jannie Vaught Seeds for this gardener have very personal meanings. As a seed grower and a seed saver, I am constantly looking close at many varieties of seeds. And I have a great fondness for seeds that are very tiny. It seems that these tiny bundles of potential hold a big productive plant, producing large tubers or leaves. As a small child, I was given … Continue reading The Faith of The Humble Mustard Seed

This Autumn Is Looking To Be A Very Good Growing Season

By Jannie Vaught With cooler weather, my personal time outside has greatly increased. That means plants, feed the soil turn the compost, and plant the seeds. I am having some insect pressure and that just tells me that all of the living creatures are preparing for the winter. Pecans are falling and some leaves are turning. With that, the thought of turning on the oven … Continue reading This Autumn Is Looking To Be A Very Good Growing Season

Fall Native Flowers Are Showing Their Beautiful Colors

Oxalis By Jannie Vaught I’m always eager for spring and the flush of much awaited Blue Bonnets and all the fantastic fields of flowers along with flowering trees like Red Bud and Mexican Plum, but I have to say this fall is bringing exceptional flowers. What I’m seeing now is Golden crownbeard or Cowpen daisy, Scarlet sage, and Turks cap. Along with Baby blue eyes. … Continue reading Fall Native Flowers Are Showing Their Beautiful Colors

Autumn Has Arrived!!

Jannie Vaught, Along with rain and schoolhouse Lily, it has been a long hot dry summer. But as I remember Autumn is good here in the Hill Country. What I’m planting, it is “Roots and Shoots”. Beets, carrots, turnips, and rutabaga. garlic, bulbing onions, and Artichoke are coming back after their end of summer trim back. Greens are; Collards, mustard, kale, and lots of lettuce … Continue reading Autumn Has Arrived!!

Autumn 2020

Jannie Vaught In the northern hemisphere begins autumm on September 22. If you have noticed the ash and elm trees, even some of the mulberry trees are dropping leaves and are beginning to change from green to yellow. The light is shifting and our length of the day is shortening and with cooler temperatures, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll starts breaking down … Continue reading Autumn 2020

The Beauty Of The Seed

By Jannie Vaught “The beauty of seed is rivaled only by their purpose.” Seed Savers Exchange. Definitions that will clear up the usage of these terms. Sustainable: able to maintain at a certain rate or level. Renewable: not depleted when used. These are just two of the many descriptive words now used when someone is describing their “Natural ” lifestyle choice. I find this overuse, … Continue reading The Beauty Of The Seed

The Ever-Changing Highs And Lows Of Our “Weird Weather”

By Jannie Vaught It seems to be a daily challenge. we are expected to again dip in the low twenties by this weekend, then bounce up to the forty’s. Well, this makes more work of covering the fall garden plants and disconnecting hoses and covering the faucets. Or as many just shake their heads and let it freeze. As an “Old Woody in the Stem”gardener, … Continue reading The Ever-Changing Highs And Lows Of Our “Weird Weather”

Welcome To The Month Of November

Jannie Vaught The month of leaves, is this why it is called Fall? Anyway the bamboo leaf rake is out and the leaf re-distribution has begun. Don’t loose a single leaf! Break down thick layers of leaf accumulation in beds and lawn. Thick heavy matts can encourage mice, voles and pests. Break up the matted build up and take to your compost bin to be … Continue reading Welcome To The Month Of November

When Its Extremely Hot And No Rain Is In Sight What Is A Gardener To Do?

By Jannie Vaught Water, pull unwanted grass, plant some radishes and learn and plan for that cooler wet weather. Here’s whats growing in this permaculture garden, beets, radish, the peas that were supposedly OK to plant now died the baked inn the sun death. So more will go in next week, still trying, The stored rain water is coming out of storage this week, And … Continue reading When Its Extremely Hot And No Rain Is In Sight What Is A Gardener To Do?

The Personal Garden Library

By Jannie Vaught, With the intense heat and no rain every living thing is struggling to get through another day! The tomatoes are either done or the strong are actually slowly growing, with even a hint of ripening, they need consistent watering same amount same time everyday. Seems plants like consistency also! Yes, my fall garden is sprouted and the radish are the first to … Continue reading The Personal Garden Library