The Personal Garden Library

By Jannie Vaught,

With the intense heat and no rain every living thing is struggling to get through another day! The tomatoes are either done or the strong are actually slowly growing, with even a hint of ripening, they need consistent watering same amount same time everyday.

Seems plants like consistency also!

Yes, my fall garden is sprouted and the radish are the first to show. The kale is slow to sprout, but I do see some movement in their germination. As the heat pushes me into the house or other air conditioned buildings I have been cleaning and sorting seeds, clearing out things that need a new home, and reading. That takes me to what this column is about today.

Whats in your personal library?

The books that you keep going back to.

Here are a few I have added to my library.

Botany in a day by Thomas J Elpel,

True Brews by Emma Christensen,

Good Garden Bugs, everything you need to know about beneficial predatory insects by Mary M.

Gardiner, Ph.D. Sweet Remedies, healing herbal honeys by Dawn Combs

And one that is new from our LLano Library, in The Back to Basics, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving The Harvest by Ann Accetta-Scott. Forward by Joel Salitin, the Permaculture educator and sustainable farmer.

First I would like to say a big Thank You to Tommie Miers our Llano Library manager for having the vision to build a superior section in Life Skill, Back to Basics. This book is now in my cart to be ordered soon. With clarity Ann has assembled a pleasant teaching on Food Preservation, not just your canning guide, but Dehydrating, Curing and smoking meat and fish, Root Cellar and cold storage, Freezing and Freeze-Drying. She starts with Where to start and the tools you will need to Preserve and stay Safe. She gives you clear directions and great pictures in each chapter also some pictures of her family and their farm. Inspiring. So when the heat is on take an afternoon visit to your library and look for the subjects that are of interest to you and even get out of your comfort zone and have a look at Beneficial Insects, the Good Bugs and how to identify them. Also how to improve your soil with composting and how to compost for good results.

I am looking for a good book on Vermiculture, vermicompost or worm farming you just never know when you will need to use that bit of learning stored in your catalog of information. One of the items on my” to do list”is clean and re-set my personal library. Now that is an easy task as one of the true treasures that have served me well are books and written words.

Stay cool, keep your garden watered , and even in hot weather,

Growing With Green Jannie


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