The Ever-Changing Highs And Lows Of Our “Weird Weather”

By Jannie Vaught

It seems to be a daily challenge. we are expected to again dip in the low twenties by this weekend, then bounce up to the forty’s. Well, this makes more work of covering the fall garden plants and disconnecting hoses and covering the faucets. Or as many just shake their heads and let it freeze. As an “Old Woody in the Stem”gardener, I just can’t do that, no matter what this garden will get a chance for another day to grow me some food.

Today’s topics are what books this gardener is reading. A long-awaited read is “Fire Cider” by Rosemary Gladstar and friends. Many of us herbal loving people claim her as “our teacher” and I am one of them. As some know Fire Cider got Trademarked and anyone using this traditional name was under duress. Three feisty herbal activists started Free Fire Cider movement and with the assistance of 3 attorneys, it now remains a community-owned and trademark free title. Meaning they won! For those of you who are not familiar with Fire Cider, it is a historical blend of Herbs, horseradish, onions garlic and cayenne peppers, sliced lemons, left to brew in apple cider vinegar, to ward off colds and most any ailment ever know to humankind. It is a “Hot” dose but it gets the job done. I have 4 of the recipes brewing now, one is called ” Wicked Fire” yes its is brewing now. This gardener and herbal brewer would like to send a great Congratulations to the women who fought to keep our heritage. Thank You for taking a stand.

The next book is “The Wildcrafting Brewer” by Pascal Baudar, Creating unique drinks and boozy concoctions from nature’s ingredients. The title got me and what an excellent book to have a cup of tea and read. The photographs are beautiful and it is full of how-to recipes, naturally fermented soda anyone?

The third one on my desk is “The Whole Okra” by Chris Smith. A Seed to Stem Celebration. This is a journey to read full of his personal adventure with the Okra, either you love the “slime” or you hate it. Inside you will find, Okra the peoples Vegetable, Pods of the gods, Embracing the S-word (slime). He covers the use of the whole plant from okra seed flower to stems as fiber. And if you are like me and truly wait for that first beautiful Mallow Okra flower to bloom and call all your friends when the first pods are picked, and shed some tears when the freeze takes it out you will enjoy this read.

Again it is time to get the frost covers out!

Growing Green with Jannie

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