Art Idea Second Edition

By Stephan Pisko

The ‘art idea’ today is largely extracted from a variety of ‘social influences’ via a ‘cyber mechanical means’ where style – content – form are beyond the artist’s creativity but still remaining to be ‘manipulated by the mind’ not ‘by the hand’. Spontaneous frustration motivates the artist’s creativity within this current time and environment we are on the edge with no planned direction wandering choosing aimlessly the ‘cyber mechanic’ adjusts artistic order from a ‘mental manipulative mania’ speechless observation words implode imagination.

The elitist’ buy the artist – subdue the expression – stamp a monetary value on the ‘art idea’ with control and power. The ‘art idea’ is a psychological mirror of this ‘control & power’ by the elitist’ to the masses and how it all fits into their ‘creative chess culinary cessations’.

Many artists’ prefer to work alone undiluted remaining within a creative consciousness mode when they do collaborate joining pure ‘inner inceptive isobars’ with a separate artistic anology the beauty of a ‘dissolved dynamic’ is felt effortlessly.

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