Autumn Is The Air

By Jannie Vaught

Welcome to Autumnal equinox also called Fall equinox. One of the two equinoxes, when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are equal length. And it ends on December 21. As we finally have a focus on finishing the Fall planting, I have to say due to the high temperatures and low moisture I have delayed my seed planting. I have Opel Basil, Cabbage, and Broccoli starts planted in bigger pots to transfer into the raised beds. Now we are in the shift of season I am feeling like I won’t have to re-plant due to heat and lack of rain. Although soaker tape is used in this garden I prefer to use Sky Water or Rain to truly get the garden up and growing. The nitrogen brought down in the rain is the absolute best for starting.

With this changing light, we will begin the colors changing in the leaves and that wonderful smell of Autumn in the air. I have begun the leaf raking. I do not take many as I practice “Leave the Leaves” to restore the trees and plants they just fell off of. That decomposition will return back to the soil, feed the worms and ground-living creatures like Ground bees and Fire flys so I only rake a few small mounds to make a leaf compost for the fall cover I will need as it gets colder. We use them also for our hen’s nesting boxes and return this litter to a working compost pile which is about empty now. What is being planted First I plant Raish and Turnips and rutabaga. Then beans and lentils, collards, mustard greens, And lettuce. then the stars of Kohlrabi, Cabbage, green and red, Carrots and Beets. always find something else to try as I go through my seed selection. Of course garlic. Fall care for fruit trees. Water deeply once all the leaves have fallen, rake fallen leaves away from the trunk and base of the tree, refrain from fertilizing, wait until spring for pruning, control insects, plan on dormant oil in March or April before they “break bud” the thin coat of oil fills any insect hole and smothers and remaining through the winter.

If you have problems with insects refer to your Agriculture Extension and always try to use Organic treatment to retain the balance of good microbes in the soil underneath the tree. It is time to get out the garden journal and update any problems and also the good things that occurred in the summer garden. Remember we plan 2 seasons ahead.

Happy Autumn

Growing Green With Jannie