KDMG, Inc. Brings Empowering Classic “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer” To Audiences Everywhere

KDMG, Inc. Acquires the Expertly Reimagined Literary Classic “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer” For North American VOD/Digital Debut in November

KDMG (Kaczmarek Digital Media Group, Inc.) has acquired EB Studios, That’s Hollywood, Her Pictures feature film in partnership with the USC School of Cinematic Arts, an illuminatingly reimagined literary classic “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer” to bring home to audiences across North America on all VOD/digital platforms beginning November 10, 2020. Executive produced by Jennifer Kristen Howell (“As I Lay Dying,” “Samir”), Ron Singer (“Zeroville,” “I Am Michael”), and produced by Jenna Cavelle (“Young Wild Free,” “WTF, Baron Davis”) and David Breschel (“The Mad Whale,” “Car Dogs”), the film is an artful collaboration from an incredibly diverse ten directors and eight screenwriters. “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer”invites audiences to revisit a classic novel from a modern lens where preconceived notions are righted. 

We experience Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn have the adventure of a lifetime after witnessing an innocent man get framed for the murder of their town’s local doctor, however “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer” is a reimagination of Mark Twain’s classic American novel that isn’t afraid to challenge what is often shoved under the carpet societal wise. Starring Angelina Capozzoli (“Music,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events”), Patrick Donovan (“The Probability of Love”), Shay Rudolph (“The Baby-Sitters Club,” “Lethal Weapon”), Marianna Palka (“Glow,” “Bitch”), Beth Grant (“No Country For Old Me,” “Speed”), Leeloo Hellie, Kai Lennox (“Green Room, “Boogie Nights”), Gary McDonald (“Mob Rules,” “Secrets & Lies”), Johnny Whitworth, and Arthur Redcloud (“The Revenant,” “Dead Men”).

This film is the product of the incredible partnership between The Art of Elysium’s philanthropic studio, EBStudios, and the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. The feature films produced under this banner are completed within a unique collaborative filming process, uniting multiple perspective from diverse experiences into one unified, quality film. Students are selected from 150+ applicants bringing together multiple directors and multiple writers to create a cohesive full-length feature. The charity connects the students to all-star talent and industry professionals, guiding and helping the project from funding to distribution. Suzie Philippot co-produced the projects on behalf of EB Studios

“We are so proud of our student directors and filmmakers for the work they did to create this special film.  Our deepest hope is that families enjoy this film and know, that in doing so, they are supporting an arts program that supports students and communities of need.  The Art of Elysium is honoured to be in partnership with USC on this film project,” states EB Studios Founder Jennifer Howell.

“We have pioneered at USC this groundbreaking method of producing feature films with multiple writers and directors. Nothing like it has ever been attempted in the professional, or academic world, yet against all odds it has been spectacularly successful. Thanks to intensive collaboration in pre-production, the films are all absolutely seamless – there is no way to tell where one director’s work ends and another’s begins. 

When deciding to adapt ‘Tom Sawyer’, the writers jointly decided that it was essential to shake up the original story in a modern and meaningful way, while staying true to the period, tone and the iconic characters and locations of the Twain novel. So Tom became Thomasina. That decision triggered some gloriously fresh explorations of the core relationships – including Huck becoming the son of Indian Joe. We feel that we have managed to create an exciting, insightful and entertaining new incarnation of the Sawyer legend, states USC’s John Watson, who oversaw the movie.

“The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer”  is part of this revolutionary project and is seamlessly directed by Federico Torrado Tobón (“The Plague,” “Wytches”), David Liu (“Noodle Deli,” “Twenty Years”), Brian Brooks II (“V/H/S/2,” “The Waste Land”), Thanika Dream Jenjesda (“Mermaids,” “Home”), Chester Howie (“Lulu,” “Wolves”), Benjamin Wilkinson (“Daisy,” “Austin”), Jesse Gi (“The Mandalorian,” “Beam”), Tom Watts (“Noesis,” “The Odd Essay”) and Kelley Kali (“Lalo’s House,” The Discovery of Dit Dodson”). Written by Jennifer Frazin (“Samir,” “Voodoo Macbeth”), Jordan Litt (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “Florida”), Ian M. Mclellan (“Beasts of the Southern Wild,” Super Forked”), Guillermo Ortiz Pichardo (“Madeleine, “Coco”), Katherine Sweetman (High Flying Jade,” Road to the Cage 3D”), Kylie Swenson (“Samir,” “The Ballerina, Her Shoemaker and His Aprentice”), Nikolaj Wejp-Olsen (“The Blue Ball,” “The Probability Conundrum”), and Mellori Velasquez (“All Rise,” The Enemy Within”).

Jenna Cavelle and Anna Rogers negotiated on behalf of the film with KDMG.

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The Art of Elysium was founded in 1997 to support artists working for the benefit of others. For over twenty-one years, we’ve paired volunteer artists with communities in Los Angeles to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis. Founded to showcase emerging artists, EBStudios supports the philanthropic efforts of The Art of Elysium. EBStudios is for EveryBody who believes in the power of art and creation.

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